Process is very normal, 193 meters 4 conferences have to say

hunting cloud network on July 24,

suppressed months of millet new flagship was born at last! Then millet named him “4”. Should not be m 3 s? And then no then…

“millet’s annual conference”! That post, however, that’s hard-won, I the prick silk carefully then. Everybody all to Michael good, listen carefully and slowly to listen to!

you just need to know who said is right, what’s wrong, there is a problem of fool is you guys don’t know the market!

the fool you don’t understand technology, industrial chain!!!!!

a: how do you don’t understand the idea behind the people? !!!!!!!!!!!

pull down! Reward: spit drown!

………………………………… Leave criticized prick silk here…………………………………

“fever” players questions

ray booth on the usual, no more detailed configuration parameters, the function of the components, just put all the parameter list, and all performance is excellent! Our mobile phones or the world, the universe is the fastest!

(ray booth is not detailed, tall on the forefront of technology knowledge, configuration are down, millet also live up to the top arch “fever”? Who answer obviously “fool”, hurriedly to the receiving of the reward… )

and then the latest beautiful miui v6. Millet pattern of “the Internet”? “Three carriages”? “The Internet model” is not a good product, the price is cheap?

brother so good, in the development of BOM should have reduced the price! Whether I should give you the price? The elder brother elder brother… (show MOE attractive woman also not line, “fool’s fool!” To watch… )

after the above two problems commonly, millet was the end of the conference, but this time the past more than ten minutes, just enough to warm the…

plate problems

then plate appearance!

this is no ordinary steel plate, it is austenitic stainless steel 304 ~! Master! He can be ground into a kitchen knife, forging temperature, make “iron rice bowl”, milling as big a head of big ~ ~ ~ so big big transformers??.

he has a soul, he talks in love, he can become slippery eyes face, though only the gap, but you still want? Seam does not look good huh ~… You also want to play eyes face, really?? NO FACE, fool! To watch…

come on, everybody together to re-count process!

austenitic 304 stainless steel metal frame, we need to cut off a large piece of material, here are four working procedure, and rough treatment after blanking (several deflashing, turn over, workbench, Turner) can accumulate at least ten way..

then forging, pressure an outline of the border, in order to better pressure, stress, surface hardening is better, in the last three way forging (a complete three forging press forging, the first industrial revolution of the last century technology), certainly can blow up to six.

the next process is the cutter milling workspace, normally need two knives, if you separate each edge is independent to calculate eight knife, if you add together the whole knife, that is 12, not may also need to last.

following is Turner, punching, millers, polishing, plating, plating, drying, testing, assembly… Each type of work, each a knife, every turn in one direction, every change the drying temperature wind scale, can speak into a process. Even the drop of the drops of water detection in video, adjust the direction even together!

193 procedure? So less. involves high precision metal parts processing, or process is small case, process support dead, that is, to the 193 level.

one of the only characteristic is: in addition to the metal frame and screen protection panel plastic buffer between interlayer. But this have to do with “steel art”? Isn’t that somebody else corning technology? In addition to the buffer layer is easy to broken screen?

and they only need a fully automatic “processing center”, enter a code, look of the three, “six” working procedures, can be finished at one time. So ray booth advocate referendum of 1.9 billion, to buy a bunch of mechanical arm, and processing center. So generous! Great!

the meizu several years ago to curry favor with foxconn in order to obtain higher generation of labor treatment, started with the pressure of the metal frames of the mobile phone signal shielding, using foxconn more effective and has higher rate of return of metal in the box. Millet 1.2 billion down finally open made a reputation as a “foxconn contract”.

PS: I also forgot the evils of austenitic 304 stainless steel in smelting processes needed for the production, also have to go more than 30 say less! According to the above calculation algorithm. What system of smelting, embryo, fire forging, quenching, annealing, forming, deburring, which as blow out ten procedure? Then, by the way: you just picked up a piece of steel, iron wire also need almost dozens of working procedure, chopper, vacuum process more of your family.

what do you say? “Sure some things will not have so many process”? Oh, it is must have! Large steel smelting of historical relics, tofu, fake and inferior products inside may have! So say like China such things like a lot?

phone frame can only do so, there is no other convenient choose

Michael took one of is worth pondering: “metal welt”!

we these fools suddenly think other handset metal frame is: to recycle waste stainless steel bowl, stamping out small rules, strapped to a phone is ok…

tell you: this is impossible! the future technology, it is impossible to appear before the destruction of the universe!

because of metal stress is very large, especially the austenitic stainless steel 304 soft, must have a big piece of metal material is slowly milling, precision demand higher even every processing several procedures will be in the middle of metal punching, to ensure that don’t cause stress concentration, so as not to cause stress time, makes the processing of bezel set less than on the phone!

the prick silk ‘imagination with metal all roll edge is made with mobile phone frame technology, may exist in the 3216 d world! Or not is made out.

fashion science and technology of grating lines back cover, has nothing to do with steel art, is a good technology but cost is not high

oh. If I’m not wrong, this should be a kevlar woven back cover material technology, the technology used by MOTOROLA take the lead in development on their flagship, concrete has a history of three years! (xiao yun specific details I’m not sure, informed readers can help correct)

then we saw a group of similar motorcycle X made in America, a product plus customized mobile phone shell, but after the custom shell, wood is wood, bamboo is, indeed, bamboo. You are painted.

then tell us, we finally found that we could only use, can only use black and white and dichromatic after shell, so we complied with the user’s intention, only for the black and white and dichromatic, white may be a bit late, kiss! In addition to other pattern shell, after the first to vote for the ten most easily made after shell, ready money waiting to buy oh, kiss!

after the shell very expensive?

kevlar fiber is not cheap (most likely not kevlar, such a big scary capital, Michael don’t blow should not), but a mobile phone can use?

in the past a plastic shell industrialized mass production to 10 w, 20 w, weight cost 0.5 yuan. Here to kevlar a face: 10 yuan support dead!!!! This is cost of the 10 w, 20 w, m 4 sales don’t deserve it.

you are not committed BOM pricing?

one of the biggest problems: the product and price

4 meters with mass production has been a few months of Xiao dragon 801, took the RAM referred to the 3 g is like going on. Entry-level manufacture process, please change the 3 m to shell, at best, namely “design edition” m 3, said m 3 s. But…

then what price? 1999 yuan!

m 2 s how much is this time last year? Remember correctly is 1499 RMB!!!! I also don’t say so cruel words, should sell at least 1799 yuan? !

? Nubia, one plus, glory is the price?

don’t forget the somebody else is 4 g (two full netcom) phone, kiss! what do you think qualcomm’s 4 g baseband, patent is cheap?

and in the three major operators cut corners, to make a life construction of 4 g, 4 g has started heading to second-tier cities, you told me in the first two months, 150 w no 4 g, and then just move version 4 g…

, it gives the mobile help the big wow!

well, you said people millet also have to make some money! ? that you had promised never to BOM pricing when what? Don’t said what chip industry in the future also to BOM pricing?

the most basic between people trust all have no?

ha ha, millet power is just the hardware design, the achievement is large indeed. But don’t blow into beautiful rhythm has driven the premiership. We also reverse admitted before millet hardware design or a disadvantage?

if you want to say that have done a good beautiful miui millet, is a benchmarking, agree with the old ZhaiJu hands. But please be good enough, don’t we all go to his hardware, high configuration has nothing to do with the hardware is good or bad, and this time it really is not high . Don’t blow the medium hardware level meters 4 this beyond the point of the universe!

this is what fools talk loudly here, enjoy…

to die… To die… To die………… To die………………………