ProcessOn, alternative Visio, the cloud collaboration with the community

if you are a novice, early to do figure class play software, learning the cost would be high. ProcessOn the appearance of the product is in order to solve this problem.

ProcessOn with HTML 5 is a development of online web mapping tools (the first version based on Flash production) to use very simple fool, users only need to drag and drop the corresponding graphics to the canvas in the toolbar can be edited. as a free online mapping tool, use it without having to download and install, open the browser is available .

if the first to introduce ProcessOn, team prefer to say “web” version of Visio, ProcessOn now support BPMN, Flowchart, UML diagram, such as a variety of standard format do nearly period of time, they also designer users against online UI components and iOS, designers can directly on ProcessOn do now web and iPhone prototype design.


in addition to the above, there is also a feature: is to support real-time collaboration, two or more persons to join collaboration , any one person operation, real-time response and real-time update each other or others, can improve the work efficiency greatly. They are currently developing a mind map, will soon meet to the user.

at present, the ProcessOn in addition to providing online mapping, also provides personal documents of the cloud, save and export at the same time they also group and when each fan social function, the user by focusing on the professional account, can get interested in dry to share in the first place.

ProcessOn the free strategy, and they said will be permanent free . Traditional do figure products between fat and not innovation is stagnant. Based on the needs of users, they prefer to fit the product directly. Convenient, free cloud, collaboration and sharing is the trend of the future.

Internet tools in the cloud is the future. At present and ProcessOn similar products and Cacoo Lucidchart. About the convenient tool for the cloud change this property, tencent front-end team AlloyTeam launched an HTML 5 slides making online site iPresst also has this feature. It makes everyone can easily create online slide cool, handsome, instant kill traditional PPT. , actually all is helpful for users to ease of use of the product has a future , the picture show (more entertainment, but the use of ordinary class quite enough) is the best example.



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