Push eBay store managed services all the way, lying to see mobile phone can make money

easy self-service selling 】 【

about client function of eBay, eBay has given PC launch Sell For Me this self-help commodity sale service, but performance is not outstanding, have been recently eBay continue launched by IIC (Israel Innovation Center), designed and developed the iPhone client eBay Valet service, called valuation, shelves, selling the main processes, such as package can simplify the process of user operation and take the most workload, allows users to easily Sell things, save energy, can Sell things in a good mood.

the perfect service, overtook rival 】

at present, similar to ebay trading platform is have mushroomed, Poshmark, Real, Real, ThredUp, Threadflip, Twice is a newly popular platform, etc.

it’s safe to say ebay Sell For Me self-help sales service is in this context, the attempt to improve its own hosting service. Ebay website also encourages users to sell other kinds of items, including electronic products, collection, shoes, handbags, sports products, instruments, and so on. But not everything can be sold for more than 25 pounds, product difference isn’t worth $40, or DVD/CD, high-end luxury goods and so on are no longer selling and so on. It is reported, as a pilot project will also have the similar restrictions on the Valet. At the same time, whether it is a Sell For Me or Valet service temporarily does not support sells clothes.

“operating worry, the future can be”

for users, Valet operation process is fairly simple. Desire to taken pictures of the products, by voice or text to the item description and submit the information provided. Within 30 minutes, Valet will feedback item valuation range, the user is able to determine whether to sell again. Determine after sale, if you have any suitable packing box, ebay shipping label will be sent to the user, if the user does not have the box, then ebay will send free postage prepaid packing box.

ready for work, the user can by the Valet account login ebay website eBay.com to pay attention to the sales process. Average goods display time in 7 days or so, deal on ebay will take 30% fee, after the completion of the remaining 70% will be as the proceeds into the user’s PayPal account.

have to say, and Valet and many similar products, but have met bottleneck or stranded halfway. But it is understood that eBay has accumulated a lot of inventory, based on the current platform also provides practical manual forecast review and retrieval service, under the various advantages, Valet or eBay will be successful.

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