Putin: the Internet has been the United States control do not use Google

24, Russian President vladimir putin in st Petersburg a media on the BBS, said the Internet is a special program, the cia to remind people not to use “Google” search engine.

special project

Mr Putin said in the televised on the BBS in the day, from the initial knew the birth of the Internet, the Internet is controlled by the cia, is a special program, the cia and the cia for its control continues today.

he also reminded the Russian people don’t use Google search engine, said all type in the information on the Google search engine via server monitoring by the United States in the United States.

Mr Putin has hinted that hope that Russia would develop alternatives, to break the monopoly Internet Internet network. Since Edward snow, the former employees of the national security agency’s exposure to some American intelligence agencies “into” social networking sites such as facebook, Germany, Brazil and other countries also made a similar idea.

a television aired earlier this month vladimir putin with snowden to participate in an interactive programs. Snowden asking whether Mr Putin’s Russia as the United States obtained from the Internet and store people’s communications.

Mr Putin had answered: “I hope we don’t have that to do… We are not as rich as the United States.”

he admits that Russia to monitor some criminals and potential terrorists, but denied for ordinary citizens, large-scale monitoring.

fear threat

a young blogger complain to Mr Putin, some foreign websites, as well as “another dual” website used in server to store user information, may threaten Russia’s security. “Another dual” is Russia’s most popular search engine.

Mr Putin also express concern for “another dual”, says the Internet companies are “part in the foreign registration”, not only has “tax considerations”, “other reason”. Due to the stake to foreign investors, Mr Putin worry this enterprise under foreign control.

Mr Putin said, “Y andex” at the early stage “pressure”, accepted “some americans and europeans to join the management”.

“we must resolutely fight for the interests of our. This struggle has already begun. Of course the government will provide support.” However, Mr Putin did not say to provide concrete support content.

“Y andex deal with Russia” 60% of the search request, also be other country users.

after putin published the comment “Y andex” in New York’s nasdaq fell 5% after opening.

“another dual” said in a statement on the same day, the company registered in the Netherlands just because some details in corporate law. Company’s core business is located in Russia, almost all taxes are paid in Russia. In addition, access to foreign investment is the usual practice of all countries start Internet companies.

xinhua feature bin-bin xie


a law to clamp down on site

the Internet has been the talk of Russian politics. Russia recently issued a law allowing the government has not been authorized by the court cases, shut down some of the blacklisted website.

opposition alexei wali inside blog website was shut down. A news sites have a large number of readers in received after regulators warned of ultra, fire edit and change the position.

preliminary passed a new regulation, Russia this week for some well-known blogger registered name of your blog site, and to comply with the requirements of the similar like the mass media.

Reuters, Mr Putin has been on the Internet with disgust, once “erotic” which is used to describe the Internet characteristics. But prime minister dmitry medvedev, often on the microblogging site leave a message.

Mr Putin’s spokesman dmitry peskov retort that, says Mr Putin often use the Internet, sometimes even see some interesting photos will laugh after processing.

source: southern metropolis daily