Qihoo 360 as Beijing launched the first network security education experience base

on April 27, the first network security subject education base — “Beijing network security education experience base” officially launched. Experience base for the primary and middle school students in Beijing, by setting the development network security, network security knowledge teaching, interactive network security techniques and so on three big specific area. Through animated cartoon show, game experience, scene simulation, the experience of many fun activities, enhance the enthusiasm of the citizens to understand the learning network safety knowledge. Base by qihoo 360, the Beijing municipal public security bureau, the communist youth league Beijing is to host, is also “April 29 network security for the first time,” one of the series of activities.

to start the ceremony, vice President of qihoo qu bing, the ministry of public security, network security protection, the chief engineer chil-chyuan kuo, the headmaster of the affiliated high school of renmin university of China ZhaiXiaoNing respectively expressed concern about the network security education for teenagers and hope. The Beijing municipal science and technology committee and deputy secretary of municipal party committee of the communist youth league Beijing Chen Ligong hai-bin Yang want to 360 awarded the “popular science tour open unit” and “network security education base” plaque.


launch site, the Beijing world technology co., LTD. Internet companies such as sent the popular science education, volunteer teams made teenagers to participate in the activity of the “cartoon network security consciousness”, live demonstration “stealing” card magnetic stripe data process, and teach the net silver-colored safety knowledge, organize the safety knowledge through fun games, show the cutting-edge technology such as 3 d printers. Participated in the activities of young students have showed strong interest, have told reporters that through immersive experience, feel his own life in network security is not far away, but also improves the network security awareness and common problems in the study the Internet system application and prevention techniques.

the municipal public security bureau is introduced: at present, Beijing is our country informationization degree is one of the highest, the Internet has fully integrated into all fields of social life. In recent years a large number of cases, there is no network security, the faster the becoming an information based society development, the greater the damage could also. By setting up the base of the form, with a happy way for people to understand and grasp knowledge and improve the consciousness of network safety, network security is one of the city public security bureau in maintaining the security of the network innovation measures.

next, Beijing will pick out the second batch of site conditions, distinctive enterprise network security into construction into network security experience base; At the same time, the existing network security education experience base will be radiation to the surrounding schools, science and technology museum, library and other related sites, facilitate the residents nearby.

about qihoo 360 technology co., LTD.

360 (NYSE: QIHU) is China’s leading Internet security service providers. Calculated according to the number of users, currently 360 is one of the top three Internet companies in China. According to the third party, according to data as a “free security” in the Internet, 360 to more than 400 million Chinese Internet users to provide leading Internet and wireless security products and services, users permeability of more than 90%. 360 by providing detailed and perfect service, and network security services platform, open platform to achieve commercial value, and partners to establish a win-win Internet ecosystem.