Qin in the first quarter net revenue outlook is far more than expected shares rose 12%

May 31, net of the qin dynasty (New York stock exchange (stock code: NQ) shares jumped 12% on Friday, the reason is that the company predicts its first-quarter revenue to $75 million to $76 million range than previously expected, mainly due to its strong enterprise business performance.

on the same day, as of the close, net of qin’s shares on the nyse in regular trading rose $0.80 to $7.59, or 11.78%. On the top hit $8.77, or 32%. Over the past 52 weeks, qin with the highest price of $25.90, the lowest price is $6.25.

net qin also predicted that its second-quarter revenue will be between $83 million to $84 million, more than Wall Street analysts on average expected $78.9 million.

net qin’s main business is to provide a mobile device and content and application management services, whose clients include the agricultural bank of China and China’s national bureau of statistics, etc. In the first quarter, the net of the qin dynasty, guosen informed business perform well. In 2012, the net qin sales of its various products and services companies in its $91.8 million as a proportion of the total revenue of 14%.

net qin also said on Friday that the company will at the highest price of $25 million sale of its online marketing platform in torrents nine days up to a 5.88% stake, a deal valued at $425 million for torrents nine days.

source: tencent technology