Rambus in China, bring to China’s Internet of things technology package

on May 23, silicon valley technology companies Ramubus visit to China and communicate with the Chinese media, to the Chinese Internet, wearable devices and components industry to convey a positive signal.

Ramubus may not be known to the domestic counterparts, mainly because it used to be a company focused on patent and technology behind the scenes. The market value of more than 10 $nasdaq listed company was founded in 1990, cultivation for many years in the field of semiconductor memory architecture, including Intel, samsung, SONY, hynix renowned companies such as the technology that USES it. At present, the company’s 450 employees, more than half of them engineers:

our childhood memories, the nintendo ds is used in Rambus memory technology, now the SONY Playstation game console USES the same Rambus memory techniques.

in recent years, Rambus is transformation, it is also a cause of this market development in China is:

Rambus chief marketing officer of Jerome said Nadel, some new trends in the industry now, the ubiquity of interconnection and interoperability, will bring about a revolutionary change. Something can be connected to the Internet era, data management more and more challenges, from the data capture and security to transfer, there are a lot of new opportunities.

content objects can be connected to the Internet puts forward new challenge on sensors, power, size, performance and security should be considered.

in order to grasp the new market opportunity, Rambus has carried on the product diversification efforts, the current disclosure of high-end technology has the following kinds.

binary pixel imaging

about pixels and imaging, we are most familiar with smartphones. Over the past two years in the field of smart phones the emergence of a contradiction, also is the number of pixels and the contradiction between the single pixel image quality. For that HTC would rather sacrifice on the flagship model One pixel number (4 million pixels) in order to gain better effect of low light imaging. Apple in order to achieve greater single pixel, in other mobile phone after 20 million, 41 million pixels at the same time maintain 8 million megapixel camera.

Rambus Binary Pixel imaging (Binary Pixel) is born for it, by the addition of photosensitive photon capture more more abundant data. Let the camera makers no longer struggle with pixels and the pixels in size.

the most important thing is that the binary pixels in view of the current Soc design, and synchronous update chip. I.e. manufacturers adopt the technology without change, Soc design or adopting new materials. At present China has become the forefront of consumer electronics especially smart phone market, Rambus this technology to mobile phone makers.

no lens intelligent sensor

for imaging, our first impression is a camera and a mobile phone camera. This with a core of refraction imaging without lens. Another huge telescopes are using reflection to imaging. In the era of the Internet of things, both imaging technology challenges, also is the challenge of miniaturization and cost.

lens yue xiaoyue can’t create a cambered surface, it has given rise to a new generation of pinhole imaging devices and the development of intelligent sensors.

Rambus pinhole imaging technology have new advantage:

1, smaller size, lower prices

above, from left to right in turn is no lens image sensor, smart phones, cameras and 10 euro COINS. The advantage of this new type of sensors at a glance.

lower prices and the smaller the size of the natural is suitable for the field of Internet of things, can be embedded into the smaller objects in the image capture.

2, suitable for wide spectral band

until, by the infrared equipment used in dark environment is very expensive. Rambus lensless intelligent sensor suitable for wide spectral band, low light also does not affect the imaging.

3, different super mini design, we can realize the function of different

Rambus pinhole imaging technology is the use of phase grating diffraction, image input information by pico group, and then through the image reconstruction techniques for imaging. Can parse infinite depth of field and cancel autofocus. Through different intelligent sensor array, and capable of action, the light flow, objects, and other characteristics of detection.

no lens imaging is not to replace the existing high-end imaging technology and its imaging effect, after all, in short not comparable to the latter. But its current imaging quality can have a preliminary to iot products. When I asked about this kind of product on the Internet of things of imaginary space, Rambus scientists, Stanford university, Dr. Steve Woo, for example:

we are sitting in front of a computer to read the document for a period of time when not in operation of a computer, it will automatically black screen. If join without lens sensor, it detects someone ahead, you can keep the screen normally on; Cars can perceive I approached and automatically open, this kind of sensor is no lens can be used in all kinds of home security field. The use of these exceptions, of course, more scenario requires producers and consumer electronics manufacturers and components.

binary image pixels and no lens intelligent sensors, in view of the current mainstream video technology to improve the former, the latter prospective development of the Internet of things, both of which belong to the data capture. And in addition to the data capture, Rambus in terms of data security and migration have more advanced technology.

the DPA defense technology, the defensive side channel attacks

CyptoFirewall core, on the basis of the hardware building security defense for SoC, and broadcom, companies such as morningstar SoC compatible.

data transmission, the roots of Rambus Rambus is started with the memory interface technology. New R + memory interface provides high performance and low power consumption of mobile applications and compatible with industry standard.

from a technology company is given priority to with the patent and technology licensing, Rambus are turning to the product components (products), but this is not to say that Rambus to become qualcomm, samsung components manufacturer, but strengthen and components manufacturer in the field of cooperation, common to the new technology to market, in the end to consumer electronics available.

Rambus slogan is Bringing invention to market. Bring innovation to market process, without partners. Rambus in Taipei offices in greater China, and says it will more often to the mainland exchanges, components makers in China will have more opportunity to establish cooperation relationship with them.