Ranging from the Internet Chinese elements included in the annual report of the queen

“according to the monthly subscriber accounts, alibaba has become the world’s sixth largest Internet companies.” A queen “Internet,” said the Mary Meeker kleiner perkins caufield & byers partners (Mary Meeker) recently held in Re/code code conference annual Internet trends report. In globalization Internet industry’s annual report, further increasing the part of China’s interpretation, she said China has been very interesting in the era of mobile innovation.

China intelligent user growth is still strong

from the perspective of the trend of large, intelligent user growth has entered into a steady phase, but east Asia and South Asia such as China, India is still a high growth area. In Asia, the mobile Internet traffic accounts for 23% of overall in 2013, in the same period in 2014 has reached 37%. These two indicators were higher than 14% and 25% of the world.

world OTT message service 5 years more than 10 $

im after combined with mobile phone network, makes telecom operation has been the object of coal. Users via mobile interconnection network communication to the point, which makes the new formats more vitality. In global OTT news services, Whatsapp account for the first place, and in Asia, more popular Wechat and Line, KakaoTalk, continuation of the tradition of Asian customers prefer short message service.

to imagine business alibaba system service with China

as a lot of communication from meet to online, a lot of local service also started the Internet, in China there are about 230 million consumers in alibaba’s taobao and Tmall shopping consumption, about 8 million of the seller, it shows that there have been a large part of society people have accepted and actively participate in the new formats.

let cloud to calculate the annual cost down 33%

Mary meeker thinks cloud computing makes the computation cost, storage cost decline year by year, the rate at about 33% annually. Similarly, a day before Mary express the view that domestic cloud computing represents ali cloud cut again cloud product prices, the company’s fourth consecutive price cut in the half a year, part of the service fell 50%, Ben wang, President ali cloud cloud computing in the future price will be reduced by more than 30% a year at least, finally, like water and electricity, the user didn’t care about its price.

reorganize materials and people a taxi from Yang hand take a taxi to the fast

in not connected to the Internet times, each time to meet more people and things on the earth in probability, and in the Internet era, probability was an unprecedented systematic. When taking a taxi, a taxi people to use the software, through the built-in geographic location and time to reorganize the logistics and information flow. Abroad, Uber, domestic, represented by quick take a taxi and drops a taxi.

the future of TV is the Internet roots in the video content

although the value of the current television screens will be underestimated, but Mary meeker thinks when intelligent TV will bring a lot of change. “Smart TV adapter=tens of millions of users,” she said that Google, amazon, apple, Roku have begun to act. And smart TV delivery ratio has reached 39%, and according to a domestic video broadcast control platform of the company said, smart TV than in domestic shipments will reach 50% by the end of the year. “Because smart module cost is not high. Such as domestic Tmall magic box, millet box, Letv box are in the research and development promotion of small broadcast box, the product sells for 299 yuan, the external adapter can make ordinary TV into smart TV and favored by users.

“application replaced television channel as a first video organization form, give priority to with the millennial generation consumers more to watch video on mobile devices and the Internet TV.” In the domestic many Internet companies are also beginning to strengthen comprehensive for the attention of the video, alibaba group in youku, potatoes, cultural actions such as China is a signal that is expected to begin soon the market will be hot.

China GDP growth under the background of 4 Chinese Internet companies into the global top 10

when, in 1820, China’s GDP accounted for 33% of the world. The proportion of all the way down to around 2% in 1980. After that proportion of GDP has great horsepower climbing, to 2013, this proportion reached 15%, in line with European performance. In this background, the number of Chinese Internet and the number of mobile Internet in the country’s first in the nation. 500 million mobile Internet users.

, alibaba group, baidu, tencent, sohu it four Chinese Internet companies monthly unique visitors are enough to enter the global top 10.

2 big new mobile Internet application case: alipay, WeChat

strong growth and large user group of China mobile Internet a leader in many areas. With the balance payment treasure to get amazing world, produce in monetary fund joint celestica fund balance treasure after 10 months, the overall amount of capital management to $89 billion, to become the world’s third largest currency funds. Mary called “simple, fun mobile products, daily settlement” science and technology innovation.

WeChat for its own function extension it has received wide attention of the outside world, including a bulk replacement of the entry, electric business entrance etc.

top ten Internet will appear many Chinese companies listed companies investment frequent

now, in the top 20 listed Internet companies, Chinese companies account for four. With the approaching of the alibaba group, IPO, the number will change. According to the $150 billion valuation, such as alibaba group, tencent, baidu will be listed on the world’s ten biggest Internet companies establish their positions.

in order to their own strong competitiveness, such as Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Tencent giants such as also in frequent mergers and acquisitions and investment. Like tencent in jingdong, CJ games, etc. Alibaba stake in cultural China, Scott, youku, potatoes, weibo, and other enterprises.


queen from the Internet, according to the report, BAT’s big three will no doubt still is the first observation of the outside world to understand China’s Internet. Especially Alibaba and Tencent more attention, the former in mobile electricity, intelligent home, cloud computing, Internet financial aspects such as suffering from attention, Tencent relies on the WeChat this product become a creature of instant messaging.