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May 7, alibaba to the securities and exchange commission (SEC) provides the prospectus called F – 1, which officially opened the overseas outstanding ali drama of IPO in the United States. In the documents submitted, alibaba eccentrics showed 2013 revenue data: in 2013 the “China retail platform (including taobao, Tmall, bargain) of total trade in goods (GMV) throughout the year for 1.542 trillion yuan ($248 billion), active buyers of 231 million, the average active buyers for 49.”

however, guest you care more about the book, is the prospectus, ali to disclose its mobile business related data.

– according to ali’s prospectus, in 2013, mobile phone taobao transactions accounted for 76.2% of the total volume of e-commerce, China mobile end until December 30, 2013 mobile total turnover accounted for 19.7% of platform total transactions.

at the same time, more memorable is such a number, “the final months of 2013, based on” China retail platform “produce trading mobile app 136 million active users”. Ali seems to emphasize their own “cloud” “end” strategy, and all the progress made in wireless on the mobile end last year. So ali report card on the mobile end whether satisfy investors?

let’s pulling break my break the $136 million, and the meaning behind this group of Numbers.


may follow the first is: in March, 2014 active users of sina weibo for 144 million. Two moving the active user is already pretty close.

if the experts offer before mobile interconnection model, information, social networking, e-commerce – the first wave, the second wave of… And so on, all kinds of models have their own timeline, ali’s IPO the “136 million” will undoubtedly gives the absolute signal: China mobile terminal to shopping, is approaching, and possibly even is about to overtake on mobile terminal access to information, social person. And even more worthy, as part of the mobile ecosystem, ali ali’s weibo is a ring. Consumption/information and social integration between the common crowd, and the mass effect of complement each other up, definitely will be mobile commerce ecological extension to achieve positive effects. And coupled with the newest ali ecosystem youku, potatoes (video) and the gifted as UC (mobile search browser), so to speak, the vast majority of China mobile users have been covered by ali mobile ecosystem.

likewise, in the electricity business in the United States has also can see the clue: according to the third party in 2013 the market research institutions BI Intelligence, according to data released in 2013, Only via Mobile devices (Mobile – Only) the number of users using amazon has more than Facebook, these “user belongs to Only use Mobile services, amazon never log in the amazon on the PC.”

in the amazon, eBay and America’s three biggest electricity giant, wal-mart is a third or a quarter of the user, only use mobile terminal for shopping website.

according to CNNIC, as of December 31, 2013, mobile Internet users in China to $5, the country with the largest mobile Internet users in the world. – it is conceivable, more than the original Internet users will have a greater proportion of many screen switch, a handful of new users will also direct transition to the mobile terminal devices.

last year’s “11” double ali had published as a set of data, the double Tibet during the period of 11 users by mobile phone taobao transactions completed order number account for 29.1% of the whole, the proportion in the provinces. – this is how can confirm backwardness potential of mobile commerce.


136 million users, the standard of statistics are not cumulative, not registered, not if, but the real user of the “trade” – the use of consumption on the mobile end user real gold and silver, is a real “gold content” APP users – or that is a real cash value of the group. This part of the people on the mobile end, that is, with a consumer intentions – it is like to ali in the prospectus said, “and those who browse our website customers, these mobile end users when browsing our mobile APP, also has a strong willingness to buy, often brings to the merchants higher conversion rate.”

in fact, recent research data in the United States found that, because in the field of mobile search is poor, so consumers in the use of mobile devices have a stronger desire, after get the search results, up to 88% of the users will place the order within 24 hours.


this is 136 million, ali’s “China retail platform” total user Numbers, including taobao, day cat, bargain, the three musketeers, but does not include ali’s another “killer APP” pay treasure to purse. According to the third party data, in February 2014, with monthly active users, ali’s phone taobao, pay treasure to purse, including ali investment UCweb mobile phone browser, occupied China’s most popular APP three of the top five spots. — that is, alibaba behind and move the big moves.

so, we might as well call the “136 million” ali “mobile transaction user”, namely everybody understand mobile users of online shopping, taobao but even mobile phones and the future is also still have a lot of imagination, ali is disclosed in the prospectus, the future will be to provide a more broader service content, “such as services, based on local O2O services and digital content, in order to realize we become consumer daily life center of gravity of vision”. – and for every bits of bit, taobao, taobao travel film, Scott maps, such as fast taxi O2O/local life kind of mobile applications, is also constitute a ali mobile service upgrade.

now know that “38 section” mobile phone taobao let “Obama” lee min-ho sea “beer and skittles” is why?