Released 360 independent APP search through all its mobile products

in the afternoon of June 3, 360, the company announced the official launch mobile search search () independent APP – 360, application of direct, mobile phone download resources and at the same time, such as a shortcut to enhance the voice search function users do not need to open a browser and other page, can achieve exhaled search.

Zhou Hongyi

360 President, said the 360 mobile phones, assistant and mobile phone browser, film and television and news APP, built in 360 mobile search. This release search independent APP, it is the further extension of 360 mobile search.

360 search interface The

in Zhou Hongyi view, mobile phone users and PC users in the use of behavior and demand has very big difference. “360 mobile search and PC based entirely different thinking. Such as PC keyboard and mouse support, users can input keywords complex combination in the search box, and hope to get more full of web information, but in the mobile terminal, the user need more fast and direct, and don’t want to complicated input, screening, and so on.”

he said that 360 built-in voice search, a key set of search, and other functions. When users to install APP will generate two ICONS at the same time: an APP icon, a voice search icon. Users point voice button, and directly talk to the screen, system identification in the main screen after quickly opened the little window, directly display the search results. When users search images, music, etc., can be a key set as phone wallpaper, ring tones, theme, search, video, music, novel can be a key to download.

in addition, when a user keyword search a website or application, 360 is used in the web page will describe application of extracted and can be downloaded directly to open; When users search for star, 360 search to film, music and other resources for users directly. Zhou Hongyi revealed that 360 will support the next application within the search, to break the information island of APP.