Reservation website mergers? The Square to $100 million acquisition of Caviar

on line and offline O2O business model of service, mobile payment, plays an important role. According to the American media coverage of science and technology, mobile payment providers Square, Caviar is planning to purchase the order web site.

sources said the purchase amount could reach $one hundred million, the other goes well, may be completed in the next few weeks. Acquisition, of course, also have the possibility of failure.

in Caviar’s official website, tencent technology to see, this is a provide restaurant online reservation service, can provide GPS positioning for room service, let the “version” cognizant concrete in which position. The room service of this company, there is no limit on share, do customers free customization.

website, according to the order of the company, has been extended to many American cities, including Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, d.c., Manhattan.

the headquarters of the company, located in San Francisco, California, allegedly was established in 2012, the founder of the five people, all is love “version” of food. The purpose of the website, that is, using the latest Internet technology, make ordinary people at home or in the company, enjoy the first-class city restaurant food.

catering has become many entrepreneurial start-ups. Before us there are already several online reservation service, one of the most famous, is founded in 1998, a veteran services OpenTable. In mid-june, the largest online travel service website Priceline announced that $2.6 billion acquisition of OpenTable, takeover premium rate nearly 50%, the website announced that will turn each other online reservation service, spread to many countries around the world.

analysts said, does not exclude the OpenTable 50% premium luxury acquisitions, caused the industry for some unknown reservation website. In the field of mobile payment, insert card equipment outside of Square face rivals such as PayPal, Google wallet the fierce competition, if you can purchase Caviar, will undoubtedly promote the diversification, and strengthen the mobile payment business. (dawn)

source: tencent technology