Resignation is one of the biggest quality, when you have nothing, you will find 24 hours a day

in very serious funds at an event, a McKinsey work for two years after graduation boy asked xiao-ping xu:

to join a startup team, need what kind of quality, and the quality how much is enough?


xiao-ping xu said

I think first of all, you can quit your McKinsey’s work, is your best quality. You quit now, and then start a business, to find investors, must be able to find the most suitable for you. I know a very famous sea turtles. Come to think of. Was a very famous foreign company’s CEO to let him to do them, and then talk about with him, but at the moment of their talk he woke with a start, he was astonished to realize that he is now doing, is nothing but a salary from 1 million to 1.2 million, from a bonus of 5% to 7%. Then he’ll think that things have no meaning.

but at this point, the boy is actually no buyers, no any chance to resign, which in turn. Because he had quit his job, no officer, out of danger. Have more opportunities. Like to fall in love, have already broken up, this time will be ready to find new targets.

a startup is a lifestyle choice, but from McKinsey to entrepreneurship, but also a turning point values. In the five years ago, harvard graduate, look for a fortune 500 company, take a salary of $100000, that is life. But in the recent five years, with the rise of start-ups. The 10 tens of thousands of dollars, has very poor! Even say that is a poor choice. This is what we witness a historic changes in the trend of The Times. You see the man I, for example, for a moment, suddenly feel to do an American CEO is very afflictive!

this is we can’t imagine before. But I’m in the new Oriental, once looked at student talent values change. Go abroad at that time is the future. To get a green card is a future, but now the situation has begun to change, the entrepreneurial spirit is the great spirit.

wang qiang:

actually quit is very important, when you fall to the ground at the moment, when you cut off his own posterior, actually, you look for opportunities to all power have been run.

if you are employed, even if the opportunity came to you, you don’t think it is a chance, because you have no choice that acuity.

I was in the bell, the old yu find better, and then come to me, a little no misgivings, get a ticket. Just came back. But I in bear, compared with domestic high salary, looks more to give up.

in 95, old only a cram school, two 286 computer, are all entrepreneurial teams laid-off women workers. He is such a the ground team. I want to at that time, I think back to the time and they are in the north, from a idea can make a thing of the kind of the power of the team. So the new Oriental back to what I mean, I don’t know. But, I in order to make this decision, I’ll quit.

when my boss is very important to me, I put the resignation letter on his desk, and then go to the toilet. And he said, I know you want to go back, but you don’t impulse. As for me, I leave you in bear a year to leave, you don’t resign. Because you go back to the one thousand done? You know, this position is you.

I said I must go, I have to resign. He said: you are crazy. Then ask me why. I said because I know the path of the back will not be smooth. But you must help me this determination, cut it off and I all the links in the United States. Let me not be back in China. Only in this way I could just do something. If I have a warm look forward to always think of this way, I went back a little itch. When you have nothing, you will be looking for 24 hours.

the boy ask again: entrepreneurship, must need to experience?

xiao-ping xu: a few days ago, Beijing 4 a 16-year-old child came to our office, to do a project. There have been a top three VC gave him a $one million offer, we give him the same thing on the spot. The child have any experience? No. But for the child, he even failed, there will be many big companies digging him in the past.

what he do a miracle. He believes he and his teacher gave him in four out of school, his parents agree with him to do this thing. So very serious fund also believe him. This is the spirit of the age. When you feel ready, can prove to someone that you’re ready.

the core of this era is to allow the trial and error. Just try it, now, back to the beginning.

asked the boy: am I supposed to work in two years later resigned or quit now?

xiao-ping xu:

bo shao, got the offer of BCG after graduated from harvard, he is the highest honor harvard graduates to live, and then, with entrepreneurial opportunity at this time, he said to BCG, you give me three years, and then I come back to work. Buy a computer then use BCG signing bonus, then made a company (ebay), sold $one hundred million. Conclusion: in the professional (professional) and start up front, select start up, because do not good, you can also go to professional.

in the end, the boy asked: what if I don’t have any idea?

xiao-ping xu: no idea who join with the idea. (by: very serious fund public)