Return HTC, samsung will push this fall all metal version of the Galaxy S5

according to, samsung will be officially launched in September this year all metal material’s Galaxy S5 – Galaxy F.

here is the Galaxy F (left) and the Galaxy S5 contrast figure.

about samsung launch metal version of the news of the Galaxy S5 preached the ups and downs. For “launched flagship deformation” samsung, this also is not what news. It is important to note that only the concept of “full metal version” is the extent to which the metal material? It is like One M8 to HTC?

it’s interesting that HTC shortly after just launched plastic HTC One M8 (fashion). Analysts that proved that HTC interested in high-end market challenges the samsung Galaxy series.

according to media reports, according to the Galaxy F basic configuration is as follows: 5.3 inch screen, 1440 x 2560 resolution; Qualcomm 805 quad-core processors; 3 gb of RAM. 16 million pixels main camera.