Reveal mystery laboratory: amazon code Lab126

guide language: the United States “Business Weekly” published online this week titled “reveal amazon’s mobile phone r&d laboratories” (Inside the Secretive R& D Lab Behind the Amazon Phone), according to the commentary as Amazon’s mobile Phone r&d department, Lab126 bear many research and development work in the field of hardware for the company, will also introduce more mysterious products in the future.

the following is the article main content:

on Wednesday, amazon unveiled the company’s first smartphone. This is not only the amazon under a big bets, and fully embodies the Lab126 amazon secret hardware r&d achievements, proved their worth.

on the professional networking site LinkedIn, boasts more than 1600 people have 126 Lab staff. A few months ago, investors are also on amazon is full of doubt, think that the company put on engineers and product managers failed to use cost.

but this year has a bumper year for Lab126. Amazon first launched in April the Fire TV, not only, and to promoting the amazon home page. About at the same time, the company began quietly promoting Amazon Dash shopping stick, can add the corresponding products by means of scanning bar code online shopping cart.

in the amazon smartphone is released, this year will be Lab126 since founded in 2004 in one of the biggest harvest. It is worth mentioning that bezos established the purpose of the department, just for the sake of developing digital reading devices.

many observers are the cause of the amazon into the hardware business. But in fact, the real question is: why don’t you do? Because Mr Bezos likes to take pride in the amazon’s creativity, and held in the middle of the competition, so to arouse the enthusiasm of the Lab126, ask its development mainstream hardware devices, as well as a variety of so-called “science project” – many of them still hasn’t been exposed.

Lab126, for example, a team is developing an equipment, computer graphics can be projected onto any surface. As well as a team in the development of wireless speakers can recognize voice commands. Obviously, they have more unknown projects. Lab126 insiders said the company even in the design of a credit card reader, similar to that of the Square to push amazon payments. In addition, code-named the Ice Wine slim Kindle Paperwhite e-readers also in research and development stage.

smart phone project has become the longest Lab126 experience ever. In recent months of Lab126 employees interviewed said that the project can be traced back to 2009 at the earliest. Their inspiration comes from many places, one of them is now has become a Google employee hacker Johnny Chung lee shows a device, to reverse the nintendo Wii (15.19, 0.00, 0.00%) of the sensor location, you can create a track users display of the head, and presents the corresponding image. Using this technology, can produce glasses-free 3 d display.

the amazon smartphone project since then began to start, once used Tyto code. With the synchronization of advance still have a 3 d display screen mobile phone project, code-named Otus. It is worth mentioning that Tyto and Otus were the owl’s name. For all the year round on amazon, the use of bird of prey to name your project has become a convention of amazon.

but Tyto development has encountered many challenges in technology and organization level, including how to through the right camera to achieve stability of the 3 d effect, but also control the cost of the phone. In addition, they also thinking: why smartphone users need this function.

Lab126 staff, said the mobile team has experienced several restructuring, head several times change, turnover rate is also high. But in bezos I personally participate in Lab126 last summer after work, to speed up the project progress speed, making the company concentrated issued many hardware products.

this smartphone project will eventually develop code changed to Duke. Before it is reported that in addition to standard front and rear camera, the product will also be equipped with 4 pieces of infrared camera, by scanning state to track the user’s eye pupil, so as to provide better 3 d effect. Gesture control function will also let users can manipulate without touch screen mobile phone.

the amazon in the invitation letter attached a video showed that people were bobbing in front of the phone show that images can follow their head position.

but bezos first to users to prove that the pragmatic function of attraction. Perhaps for this reason, the project of brewing time is so long. Ten years ago, Mr Bezos has postponed the Kindle the release of the time, to wait for the e-book market maturity. And now, he must first ensure that Amazon Appstore has enough application, to release a smartphone.

amazon announced this week that the company’s equipment has more than 240000 apps and games. Amazon also need through the stable service to give full play to its smartphone 3 d effect.

amazon can achieve innovation on pricing and packages, it is also worth attention. According to the Wall Street journal reported that AT& T will be amazon mobile phone’s exclusive carrier, the partnership may compensate for part of its unique application development costs. In addition, amazon is likely to close to the cost through their website selling mobile phone, China’s millet has has been a huge success with this way.


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