Rice noodles “participation” super fruit powder, millet in China “apple magic”

in the eyes of analysts, apple’s most good at improving more user involvement – so-called “apple magic”. Mobile data statistics Flurry by measuring the user time spent on mobile applications to measure consumer participation, and they found that while apple had on the indicators of status well ahead of the android camp, but smart phones from China company, millet, has overturned the proportion.

Flurry noticed that over the past six months, ordinary apple mobile users to a large extent than Android users will spend more time on the application. However, according to their January 23000 mobile phones in China nationwide random sample analysis found that the amount of time spent in application from users, the achievement of millet is at the top, is higher than other Android mobile phone brands and even apple’s iOS.

if the ordinary apple mobile users spend time in the application as a base, Flurry found common millet user time spent on the application will be more than 7% higher than apple. By contrast, samsung’s achievement is 14% lower than apple, HTC and apple drop even reached 27%.

“this is our first time to witness the Android mobile phone on user engagement indicators to catch up with apple,” Flurry had said so in a blog post.

so, millet users spend so much time on the application, what are doing? Flurry found that they are most of the media and entertainment application of iron powder: a common millet than domestic consumers can, including other Android and iOS devices consumers generally smartphone users spend 62% of their time on these applications. So quickly, it’s no wonder that Flurry once in the previous feeling, millet this is the Chinese version of “apple + Netflix.

more interestingly, although the mobile games and social networking applications are popular in nowadays China, millet users in this time is less than other mobile phone users. They even more than other users spent 28% of their time in the Productivity App (tool class efficiency applications).

Flurry by investigating realized more than millet users for young business professionals and college students (age 13 to 34). This also explains why the data showed that the user in the game, SMS, and social activities of low interest and participation.

in China, millet have always been used in the comparison with the apple – and the courageous Chinese company in the near future also issued a tablet, in an attempt to challenge apple’s device series. Single to see data, the latest Flurry other Android manufacturers, including samsung and HTC, this was on pins and needles. Again, apple is also the long snacks for specifics millet will how to use their “magic” big stuff: this is for apple is always above the Android magic weapon!