Ritot, the most interesting “projection” smart watches

smart watch makes us more addicted to the Internet world, but a concept called Ritot wristband device, but is expected to take you back to the earth from the virtual world. The device can be seamless time, telephone information, E-mail, Twitter and Facebook to push information directly projected on the back of your hand.

the company said to projection watch Ritot are the first in the world, however, the company so far have not shown a working model. However, considering that it has raised nearly $375000 in financing website Indiegogo, obviously, this technology has such funding needs, so the arrival of this watch is still possible.

Ritot projection with pico projectors light to display personalized content, those who need to display the contents of the can directly be cast on her back. So far this watch has two versions: the first is a unisex design regardless of gender, aluminum alloy bracelet, there are four kinds of sizes and colors can be chosen, including white, black, brown and gold combination, combination of black and gold, four kinds of color choice. Another version is sports series, colored plastic material, with a black, white, red, green, blue and yellow six colors to choose from. The two versions will be in early 2015, for $120 first provided to the sponsor.

projected onto the back of the digital clock and push notification is a major highlight of this watch function, the user will watch to connect to the smart phone, mobile phone messages are received at the same time, the watch will arrive notification messages by vibration, and then the corresponding real time projection in hand out notifications. This means that when you received my friend request on Facebook, you can see in your hand directly projected a pop-up message.

if you want to cancel the show notification information, the user only needs to wave or messages, such as 10 seconds, then disappear automatically. This watch also comes with a touch-sensitive button allows users to set the projection operation.

Ritot compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone system, it also provides a very special wireless charger. When the watch is on the top of the charger, there are 20 different colors to choose from the projection on the hands back.

this concept in a few months ago we predict apple iWatch made its debut in the rumours. Everyone on the application of the notification center and health management interface is noisy, but the concept of projection the content directly to the hand seems to be so far only Ritot sole, at least for now.