Roll call time transformation, the starting platform to booking

the sun has a breeze, call time in their offices opened media communication, it is said that this is the first open to the media their office environment. Staff said, welcome you often to visit in the future.

the small media communication during the meeting, call time announced their transformation, from intelligent hardware starting platform into intelligent hardware to booking platform.

the May 10 x10 conference calling, Zhang You announced after the introduction of a powerful video call time to give up all the labels, raise positioning for the intelligent hardware platform. That was 2000 for the first time.

this time transformation from intelligent hardware starting to intelligent hardware pre-sales, Zhang You on or after the last video to tell present media, why they transition.

the raise pattern doesn’t work in China, the economy led to the threshold of per capita income level is different, roll call time and Kickstarer matched on involved in the project, but for the quality difference is very big, the data of 1:6.

followed by the user. Impolitely said Kickstarer platform gathered a group of idealists, they are willing to pay for good ideas. Domestic users more rationalists, eventually mentioned on get on the raise.

call time the positioning of the first platform, and the present situation is: the raise of the project more and more, occupy the market but they are not able to mouth, remove the commercialization of the product itself ability is weak, more is the general consumers not develop this aspect of consumer consciousness.

come all the way, call time from excessive cultural creative industry to the science and technology to the intelligent hardware and intelligent hardware starting platform hardware to booking platform to intelligence. First three transformation more is looking for a foothold in the positioning, after two more is looking for a foothold on the business model. This transition to xiao yun roll call, can say is that they are actually intelligent hardware for its starting platform for a business model units.

one of the most important is to find platform of product sales channels, quickly spread out. Moved to line up to do pre-sale, before the products haven’t come out can make channel dealers in the roll call time order, in the edge of the 3 to 4 fold on the market the first batch of products, the user can also call time on 7 to 8 fold the scheduled to open to booking a product in the market.

is to screen and roll call time do a good product, with 4 a level of packaging concept to product marketing, let the selected products can be commercialized, tall. Process down a ring, and distributors to get the booking order at a low price and product teams to docking channels to open the market rapidly, call time can be on the platform precipitation booking orders, cash flow, at the same time to prevent product jump ticket, intelligent hardware product team when the roll call time of booking need to pay a few jump ticket deposit.

the roll call time of transition, more precisely, the transition is over the whereabouts of business model units, start booking platform, perhaps can make intelligent hardware products market spread rapidly and develop business models and user consumption habits,

in a itself is very weak from commercialization degree of the intelligent hardware products industry, raise the efforts of the roll call time might be a good one million head, but in the end, still have to return to products, users pay or not and contact channel is not very necessary, and line and cherish it.