RollScout to reach your toilet paper

want everybody met this kind of dilemma – when a group of friends went to the toilet take a break, but inadvertently found trapped by toilet paper predicament. Especially in the drives you when someone knocked at the door outside, more nervous and awkward.

RollScout it is caught this situation, the founder of the use of demand – if there is something can remind running out of toilet paper, you can directly to avoid the embarrassment.

RollScout on modelling is a concise form of paper placed frame, can be easily placed in the bathroom. When the infrared sensors detect the roll of paper quantity too little, are shown in the red alert, thus achieve the purpose of alert users.

although modelling concise, but RollScout team is also designed several appearance, including frosted plating chromium, plating bronze, brushed nickel plated, as well as ceramic white and 14 k gold plated.

of course, if RollScout friends can further combines hardware devices and an App, let users can conveniently receive when grocery shopping “to buy paper” to remind, it would be cool.

about RollScout all the activities are held on Kickstarter, raise goal is $37500, interested readers can.