Rumors, the iPhone 6 May really want to go to the curved surface screen?

apple launch in September last year on the eve of the season there are a variety of media report predicts a new generation of apple (that is, the current iPhone5S) will be equipped with flexible screen, of course, now it looks like it is but a trailer for “early”. And at the end of last year, also reports that iPhone6 will be equipped with curved surface screen. Now WWDC congress is coming soon, this year’s product launch season draws near, all kinds of rumours about iPhone6 began with flying everywhere — in addition to the spectrum of the two version 4.7, 5.5 inch Size, this curved surface screen to be moved again.

recently, according to Japanese media Macotakara revealed that the legendary iPhone6 confirmation will be equipped with curved glass screen, more compatible with the new round design. And the other network media Mac Otakara also revealed information almost at the same time.

screen but it have to say about surface repeated several times, from the initial surface rumors to later more and more favour reported flat screen, this time from Japanese media and said correct?

of course, apple has not officially into the surface of the screen the melee, the launch of curved surface screen estimates curvature also won’t such as samsung’s Galaxy Round and LG Flex as tall. But not too big, if the rumor iPhone6 screen edge or will really take surface design.