Samsung and amazon “flirt”, for the sake of what?

samsung yesterday announced that it will work with amazon, together for the Galaxy provide a customised version “Kindle ebook reading application”. Users in addition to being able to use this app directly buy, read magazines, newspapers, books, amazon can also get free 12 per year this amazon selected readings.

amazon Kindle application had to purchase function, why separate for samsung users create a customised version of the new application? In addition it is important to note that the joint statement, use the word “partner”. This not only let us extrapolate. Why samsung and amazon (the) “cooperation”?

for samsung, it is in its transformation strategy orientation. From the Galaxy S5 hardware mediocrity behind again, we see the samsung details in the system, application content (for example, free provides users with $600 worth of paid apps) improvement. Obviously, samsung hopes to further integrate software and hardware, and increase investment in software and content. Samsung is clear, only good custom system can stand out from the crowd. And amazon, with huge premium content is accord with the transformation of samsung positioning.

for amazon, on the one hand, more and more people use tablet for ebook is a big trend; And, on the other hand, the biggest in the world (shipments) mobile phone producers cooperation, certainly can achieve bezos “as much as possible to allow the user to buy everything you need from amazon” ideal.

of course, the meaning of “partners” may be far more than that. Analysts believe that two people are well worth looking forward to more cooperation. Specific forms of cooperation, of course, we also don’t know, whether for profit sharing, Shared user data? In view of the fact that samsung is underway for Tizen, perhaps amazon will be able to help them out.

it is reported that samsung custom version of its Kindle ebook reading application, will be the first to log in the Galaxy S5. The basic function of the application with the Kindle reading application.