Samsung and HTC are both hope you don’t buy the product

the generation of the battle of the flagship Android on a samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One between the M8 (SONY Xepria Z2 silent tears, LG G Pro 2 cry dizzy). Samsung and HTC are simulated enemy and attack each other.

prior weibo users have revealed that samsung is such a training of sales staff:

couldn’t see the words above? I translated by translation:

don’t buy HTC four reasons:

1. HTC phones cannot be dustproof, waterproof, but the Galaxy S5 IP67 rating waterproof and dustproof.

2. HTC cell phone camera is not to force, and S5 pixels high not only, and also focus quickly, more professional camera model.

3. HTC phones not humanized function point, and the design of the S5 is very humanization, such as children’s mode, super power-saving mode and removable battery, etc.

4. HTC’s security level is low, but the S5 with fingerprint recognition, not only have professional KNOX security software.

of course, HTC has already begun to fight back. This is the foreign media reported. The five reasons why M8 better than samsung Galaxy S5 “. Well, more than four a big:

English characters is quite dense, I again come under the translation:

the first: the critical plastic metal. Three mulberry home more than ten thousand plastic shell, of course, but HTC knee archery. HTC metallic simple sense is really good.

the second: front double speaker. In short, it is louder, louder!

article 3: the more easy one-handed operation. It is said that Sense than TouchWiz more suitable for single hand. This is disputed…

article 4: dual cameras. Ok, but 4 million pixels this point need to explain to consumers.

article 5: HTC service Advantage. Er, is it the goods is in?

to see these, do you want to buy a samsung or HTC? (said to rob the millet, please draw a circle to the corner)