Samsung Glalaxy mobile phone will be turned into a virtual reality helmet

, samsung is currently Oculus VR with virtual reality helmet manufacturers cooperation, create a samsung virtual reality devices. It is important to note that the report revealed that the device will directly using the Galaxy smartphones as rendering of virtual reality helmet screen, and won’t separate display manufacturing equipment.

the cooperation of both established on the basis of resource exchange. Oculus VR for samsung this wearing equipment to provide necessary software and technical support. On the other hand, samsung as a “reward”, for the Oculus VR provides its new generation of AMOLED display screen technology and products.

a few months ago, Facebook’s $2 billion takeover of the Oculus VR – this is not yet profitable company.

sources, samsung hopes to become the first Oculus VR technology into tangible products manufacturers. Not only that, samsung also “hegemony” in the field, or even want more than their partners Oculus VR.

reports, samsung this virtual reality head-mounted device, the direct use of the Galaxy as a display screen of the phone. Helmets and Galaxy phone through existing socket (Micro – USB?) To connect. Given the use of the Galaxy phone as a core component, the product will also use their mobile phones directly in the sensor into action to track and so on.

it is important to note that sources, samsung will focus on the virtual reality helmet media content attributes, rather than the game field.

illustration for Engadgent concept map.