Samsung may launch a “can put around his neck” smart watches

, samsung series of wearable equipment has applied for patents, revealed that it may be the appearance of the next generation of smart watch and operating mode. Interestingly, the article points out that the suspected for samsung device of a new generation of smart watch, whether from the appearance and interface design are “like” the upcoming MOTOROLA smart watches – 360 Moto.

in fact, “similar” between equipment can sometimes be coincidence. Is samsung’s more, this kind of situation is normal. Hunting cloud network editor, however, you think, this and Moto, similar equipment 360, might be carrying samsung sooner or later the Android Wear system intelligent watch

we see from the patent documents, the samsung smart devices outstanding collection of bright spot is a large amount of gesture interaction. The number of large, almost can be called is a “rely on gestures can control equipment all functions” of the equipment.

the prototype of the appearance of the equipment, in the case of lock screen, can display the time and schedule. Wake up the device can use a series of applications, such as, weather, maps, contacts, etc. Interestingly, the device also has the barcode scanning function, users can use it to query the information such as prices of the goods.

let us by surprise, patents, according to the device, it seems, are still to be worn in many parts of the body. In addition to the wrist, including big arms, neck, and so on.