Samsung, nvidia to build ARM server chip has lost confidence

according to had hoped that through makes the ARM architecture the server chips, Intel to challenge the dominance of samsung, nvidia, seems to be the “distant dream” is more and more not confident. Sources said that companies such as samsung and nvidia, or will be fully give up research and development work in this respect.

a samsung spokesman said in an interview: “according to the recent changes in business environment and the emergence of new innovation opportunities, we decided to adjust the strategic development direction. However, this does not affect the samsung chip development team’s overall development plan.”

another friend is nvidia coasting. As early as 2011, nvidia, announced that it would develop chips based on ARM architecture, moved into PC, server, supercomputers, and so on. But until today, nvidia this great plan seems to be no results. Despite official insists he did not give up, but the spokesman’s remarks, suggests that it all: “we just want to focus on developing mobile chip area.”

so far, in the field of server chips, the traditional monopoly Intel accounted for 97% of the market. At the same time, to face the challenge of ARM camp, Intel in lower product prices on the one hand, improve performance; On the other hand it also in the inserted into the enemy rear position “, to enter the mobile Soc desperately to burn money and wearable equipment field.