Samsung or will buy apple Siri technology “behind” Nuance

according to, the world first-class voice recognition technology company Nuance Communication is currently actively to a potential acquisition of the buyer, including samsung. Nuance customers include daimlerchrysler, nintendo, panasonic, etc. It is worth noting that Nuance also for apple Siri voice assistant provides a strong technical support.

Nuance is one of the biggest specializes in the development of speech recognition software supplier. Last year, the company’s total revenue hit a record high, up to $1.86 billion. Nuance of the current market valuation has topped $5.5 billion. Nuance of speech recognition technology is widely used in various mobile devices, television, built-in GPS navigation products, and so on. In the four major business, smartphones and networking products such as car has become the pillar.

according to public information, the capital giants Carl Icahn has extremely the company of affiliation Nuance19 % of the company, became the company’s largest shareholder.

sources, Nuance is now contact samsung electronics and some private companies, to discuss the takeover. If samsung will eventually be able to Nuance, surely that will help it to work toward the ideal of the “software giant dream” a huge step.