Samsung to make smart watch “weaned”? !

(editor: horse relief yi)

according to the Wall Street journal reported that samsung will be released in the next few months and a cross “can completely from smartphones” smart watches. This means that the device can be built-in SIM card, for voice calls, etc. The basic function of the smart phone.

on the market at present the mainstream of the smart watch, is basically as smartphone auxiliary tool. In view of this, the industry is often called smart watches smartphones “second screen”. Besides through the function, the report points out, samsung, heart rate detection, the device also has the GPS email writing, etc.

what’s interesting is that this product is not carrying Android Wear, and will pick up Tizen.

if the above message accurately, so it will be a samsung launched in less than a year the third paragraph of smart watch.

in the case of smartphones can’t realize the hardware and software integration, samsung seems to focus into wearable devices. We don’t say the first pick up Tizen devices, whether the competition too forthcoming with Android Wear Moto 360, hunt you’d like to ask: does anyone really willing to use the watch phone, take photographs? !