Samsung will close mobile music and e-book services, education, video and game content store

Beijing time on May 23 morning news, samsung electronics announced that the company will be closed in July 1, proprietary music and e-book services, suggests that the company face difficulties in the field of application development.

samsung did not disclose the specific reason for the move, saying only that they will try to offer differentiated services, and improve the user experience. Samsung spokesman said by email, the company will continue to efforts by its own service and cooperation, to provide users with a wide range of content options. In addition, the decision won’t launched in the us for the recent Milk streaming music service.

shut down after the service, Samsung Hub multimedia content store will only education, video and game content. The company declined to say whether the remaining service will face a similar fate.

Samsung to attract users through a variety of content for their software, and Samsung Hub is one of the plan, but because the user has can get similar services through different channels and content, lead to Samsung product has failed to make progress. In march last year, the company will Samsung Hub as Samsung equipment integration content service to users, including music, video, ebooks, games, and the content of education. Samsung is the Hub in order to sell more at that time was just released Galasy S4 mobile phone, so was integrated into the Galaxy S4 mobile phones.
But this app is not installed in the Galaxy S5. “Our service will still exists in the form of independent application, and will not become the integration of the bundled content stores.” A samsung spokesman said. He added, Samsung Hub existing users can still through the Galaxy S4 smartphones using the service.

in addition, the south Korean users also can continue to use the samsung’s music and electronic services. According to market research firm Gartner estimates, samsung of South Korea in 2013 66.1% of the smartphone market, apple accounted for only 7.6%.

because rely on hardware production, therefore has its own software content has always been the challenges faced by the south Korean company. Industry observers believe that the company may simplify part of mobile application services, in order to concentrate on developing games, and other fields.

source: sina science and technology (dinghong)