Sapphire PK gorilla glass: who have more advantages as a screen?

in the past one year, the word “sapphire” frequently appear in people’s eyes. Maybe we have been a kind of consciousness: “indoctrinate” corning gorilla glass in front of the sapphire are “outdated”! According to media reports, apple will use in its next generation iPhone sapphire shiping, and plans to produce more than 200 million piece of sapphire panel to prepare for the upcoming iPhone6.

in addition, the media have also released the demo video, to show the sapphire shiping “solid” : after cutting, folding, it broke, sapphire shiping is still “escaped damage”. But what we see is the appearance, very few of us to have comprehensive and accurate understanding of the substance, at the same time we also seldom know it with a gorilla glass before.

sapphire was? How is it made of?

in the first place, the sapphire is a gem, it exists in various forms and colors in nature. Red sapphire, often known as “ruby”, blue sapphire is usually processed into jewelry. However, there are some sapphire is transparent, so this type of sapphire can be applied on the smart phone screen.

sapphire, if you have any special? Sapphire is one of the most hardest substance on earth, its hardness value is Moore 9 (the highest hardness value of 10 Moore), second only to diamond hardness (10), and what this means is that only the same as diamond hardness material can also “injury” and to the sapphire. So, unless you pocket is equipped with a diamond, or in a pocket of sapphire screen mobile phone in a few months later, the screen also will not be any scratch.

if apple will sell more than a quarter of 30 million iphones, and what this means is that apple will need a lot of sapphire orders. Apple would not choose to dig the sapphire, feasible way is to make synthetic sapphire. Sapphire production process is very interesting, it will need an oven to 1815 degrees Celsius, the temperature for the size of a baseball gems and alumina powder mix.

for comparison, corning gorilla glass is tempered glass, corning, but how to improve the hardness of the glass, is still a mystery. As far as we know, a piece of glass in a pot of salt water, which can make the whole structural shrinkage of glass, so was born the hardness greater gorilla glass. This question also came out: when we are not careful with other hard objects scratch after the phone’s screen, if mobile phone accidentally fell to the ground, may be split from scratch.

sapphire feature

although sapphire is solid, but in essence it still belongs to a kind of brittle material. And what this means is that the future configuration of sapphire glass screen mobile phone fell on the floor, the screen is still likely to be broken.

to data to illustrate the problem: as we all know, sapphire Moore hardness value of 9, and glass Moore hardness value is 5, and the fracture toughness of the former value of 2.3 m, MPa) is almost three times as many corning gorilla glass. In addition, if the elastic and hardness measure, sapphire glass is better.

interestingly, blue glass density than glass is big, the former is 3.98 g/cm3, which is 2.54 g/cm3, this means that under the same quality, than the sapphire glass of small size, thickness and therefore will be smaller.

costs and potential use

apple and other companies in the application of sapphire screen must overcome an obstacle when is the “cost”, to know the sapphire capital cost several times that of glass. Yes, compared to the sapphire, the gorilla glass many weaknesses will be exposed, but the latter has a cost advantage, a corning gorilla glass capital cost about $3 (about RMB 18), and the cost of a sapphire shiping cost around $25 (RMB 154). However, according to industry sources, the sapphire shiping cost has been controlled under $10 (RMB 61).

apple has spent $700 million (RMB 4.3 billion) Mesa, Arizona city to build new factories in the United States, as the sapphire material processing plant in the future. The plant is expected to double the world’s current synthetic sapphire production, prices will further depress the sapphire touch screen, and eventually the smartphone can be applied to our daily use.

source: tencent digital