Say goodbye to collect fees in disorder, the flight steward launch a ticket refund endorsed a calculator

for most consumers, ticket refund, change is a very troublesome thing, because of airline ticket rules are different, and the hidden deep, to refund the guest gauge with the public is not familiar with these factors of layer upon layer overlay, gave part to a certain extent the ticket service providers the opportunity to juggle with your cancellation fee. So every once in a while, because the upgrade is somehow high charge news will appear in front of the public is not surprising.

according to this problem, the flight steward has officially launched the refund calculator functions, by flight steward of the travel service channel, open the “cancellation fee calculator”, enter the scheduled flight number and id number, can query to if a canceled flight or the users themselves to the ticket, how much to pay. It should be pointed out that the function support arbitrary channel to buy ticket.

flight steward department also told reporters: standing in the user’s point of view, to provide users with all valuable travel service, is the core concept of flight steward. We care about most is whether it can help users solve the problem, rather than digging into how much revenue from users.

flight steward said the launch of the refund calculator functions, is to make each passenger can control the actual reasonable refund fees at any time, say goodbye to collect fees in disorder phenomenon, so as to protect their legitimate rights and interests against losses. In the future we will continue to launch upgrade cost function.

use of technical means to all domestic airlines ticket guest neat together provide service for the user, this is the first in the country. Although flight steward online is a small function, but for the vast number of users travel even online travel industry is significant, because it makes some use of refund information asymmetry for improper interests and issue become a thing of the past.