Scott privatised, Mr. Lu will concurrently gold holdings as a CEO

alibaba group, announced today the acquisition of gold holdings formally completed privatisations, start with alibaba group to conduct a comprehensive business integration. After fusion, alibaba group CEO Mr. Lu will concurrently gold holdings as a CEO, the former CEO Scott holdings into from wu will continue to stay in gold and gold holdings as a special adviser to the CEO.

the time on July 17, gold holdings announced announced stop status of listed companies, and become the wholly owned subsidiary of alibaba investment co., LTD. (parent company). And alibaba group business comprehensive integration, alibaba group will take advantage of cloud computing, big data, electronic commerce, what UC browser and search the advantages of resources, fully support gold holdings in map, navigation and mobile services continue to become bigger and stronger.

alibaba is a wholly owned buying gold, announced in February trade total amount of about $1.1 billion, valued at $1.5 billion for gold map. When there is news that the takeover of the gold will be charged to alibaba group of the new UC career, by the chairman of UC ucweb CEO took over. Among them, the part of the information received admission ucweb CEO.