Secret into China! Game companies cooperation with China

hunting cloud network comprehensive report on June 2

anonymous social applications Secret launched a service in the Chinese market this weekend. Secret, according to reports in the Chinese market with a big company, but the Secret did not disclose details.

after hunting cloud network reported that Secret announced officially login Google Play, and began to expand in many countries and regions in the world.

the rise of secret sharing application and by Snapchat lead social “strangers”, “social” trends there is a lot to do. Under the urbanization development of split personality, old acquaintances social approach used, the rise of LBS could let strangers are social and the needs of the market.

domestic practitioners known Secret this app, because recently Secret actually related to similar domestic application of the rise of “Secret”. The first is “Secret” by Apple Store shelves, followed by Secret official accused “Secret” copying their products.

the reason why the Secret will not tolerate the existence of this model, the “Secret” is the result of Secret sharing application has a strong geographical position close sex. People are willing to spy on the privacy of others, but they are more willing to learn and they have the same nationality, same beliefs of other people’s privacy. A typical example is that yesterday’s hammer technology conference, on social media exposure is much higher than Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

of course, we must also see Secret foreign monk, such as the localization of ongoing attempt. Secret in the new version will be used in application is divided into “friends” and “discover” two categories. “Friends” is the address book contacts and their related relationship chain, and the “discovery” is exploring different geographical distance, all over the world people’s privacy.

now, Secret applications such as the biggest risk lies in the policy and legal aspects. Some not suitable for the spread of public disclosure, privacy is reputation infringement, the parties to challenge the social morals. How to control the secret sharing and the balance of “consensus violence”, especially the key.

Secret co-founder David than Joe (David Byttow) said: “China is a special market. Will be English version products to China market, or will be products to simple translation is far from enough. Needs to be developed by the local team for the Chinese market. Normally, it need to set up a joint venture or other arrangement.”

the Secret of a big game company for cooperation with China, for the local market to launch the app. Secret, however, there is no comment for the details of the cooperation.

in addition to China, Secret also want to explore other international markets. For example, the Secret is very popular in Russia and the former Soviet republics. According to the data of AppAnnie, over the past few weeks, the Secret in Russia, Ukraine, moldova, Latvia and Dutch apple App Store into the top 10 in the App Store. In these countries, Secret in a social media application class ranking top very much.