Shared, cattle and user collision car community

don’t pay attention to the auto industry, for car media also know very little about, to summarize, a word can be said: old media rely on abundant protection, new media is helpless pain haha walk path, is a death.

understanding of the automotive media industry, perhaps I partial shallow, but does not affect the judgment of old media service for B side, which is manufacturer. The user wants to gain the objective product evaluation need in BBS deep steak. New media breakthrough on C, that is, service for users to dig the deep need to be stripped off, baring all views, to explore the question to be discussed on the tooling. How to perceptual described? standing is to put the money earned a .

auto cattle Shared opinion platform recently get sequoia capital, A $5 million round of investment, the money may make them more confident to do it.

the moral integrity

see a car media’s moral integrity, to see his hiring standard , understand, love to the bone marrow, despise all the stereotypes, dares to express ideas, this is I have seen in cattle Shared hiring requirements. This also conforms to their own positioning. For the C terminal services, make the first real opinion platform. A useful car web site. To me, there is the moral integrity of the alive.

the positioning

how to locate Shared, beauty, CEO of highland in the interpretation of the website is like this: Shared, the cow is a fusion of the review, zhihu and snow covers TrueCar douban (price transparency) spirit of cars. Say so many very chatty, understandable, because the media concept of highland will play more. Popular is introduced cattle Shared user oriented to do a fair and free car community. Users don’t have to worry about will see to swallow the automakers soft wen, also need not worry can’t see the car negative by commercial intervention. Allows users to speak, cattle man replied. Produce UGC content, all aspects of the real show car field.

the model

water to pure have no fish, whatever he does, has more than 10 years experience in auto industry and the Internet media highland don’t see, so is the experience economy, that set of vendors, self-deception of times in the past. Is real information to meet the needs of users, as an information provider, you have to follow the user. What they need, what you can supply. Don’t worry, where the user is, where is the manufacturer. Get the user, don’t worry about not the manufacturer. business model is to follow the user, in a large and trillions of dollars in industry, insist on yourself, you become scenery, have market not open the door for you, don’t worry factory will not give you deserve it “tickets”.

overall, at present there is no information of cattle Shared, the so-called soft Tony, content source mainly answers and comments, from know the car’s cattle and the user. The editor is responsible for the choreography of these contents, and guide the community atmosphere. CEO said: sea team in the future if do car reviews, will be a car to do it myself. To ensure the objective independence, vendors are not legally binding. This style, really hope that moment coming soon.

say so many, in fact, in plain English cattle Shared at the core of the three, true to life, doing subtraction, the user first . Shaving Tony soft wen, guide the community and the user to produce high quality content, community’s real information to retain users with each other. Internet auto car cattle people team, do the first community, become a user cars first opinion platform.

light has WEB side may not be enough, cattle Shared also launched mobile APP help, put the focus to the mobile Internet. WEB side, mobile terminal, the most important still is good content. As long as the content well, where is the open is the user’s choice.


the article quickly finish, give special attention to the cow or Shared, I don’t think it is a light media attribute website . They have a garage plate, the content is not very rich. I think this is their in the paragraph. Li Tiejun technology partners, from 360, the following 7 years, zhou ren, head of search technology. He joined will do more articles in the garage plate. Model database, or quotation, sales database, unknown. Cattle Shared is bound to in this respect, because media properties, the valuation of space is limited. O2O Shared future cattle will be involved in automobile market, remains to be seen.

Based information

company: Beijing car li interactive technology co., LTD.


cattle Shared

time: March 2013

location: Beijing, chaoyang district

stages: initial

areas: media, car

abstract: cattle Shared predecessor called NextCar, is a guide comments, questions and answers, and exchange in the field of automotive web site. Aspire to grow into a car Internet community first opinion.

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