“Shipbuilding buy ship”! Twitter in explaining “audio version of YouTube”

according to, Twitter is now trying to buy audio upload and share site. The latter has been touted themselves is “audio version of YouTube”.

SoundCloud to provide users with free music to upload and share service, the first is to provide a communication platform for independent musicians. By the end of 2013, has more than 250 million registered users of SoundCloud.

if the above message accurately, so it may be a Twitter deal ever largest amount of acquisition. About the details of the deal, however, is still unknown. But from the following some Numbers, you can see some clue: SoundCloud as much as $60 million, the latest round of financing the valuation of more than $700 million. Last year, Twitter MoPub $300 million acquisition of mobile advertising platform.

a long time, Twitter is trying to provide users with more diversified services, in order to keep users continues to grow and achieve greater profitability. Meanwhile, Twitter is extremely importance to add music services on its platform. Unfortunately, the blue bird has no method, several attempts have failed. “Shipbuilding buy ships”, perhaps for Twitter, crustily skin of head “bump south wall”, than with a sufficient cash cow, take the acquisition of capital operation, etc.

there are two main types of the profit pattern of SoundCloud: first pay for advanced users to provide more rich site function; Second, the so-called “native” advertising. Analysts pointed out that the cooperation is the best in each other. Twitter for SoundCloud provide a wider range of advertising resources; SoundCloud bring higher stickiness to Twitter.

however, given the SoundCloud into music copyright dispute all the time, so the Twitter wants to “swallow” the plate of food, need to be aware of indigestion.