Short micro view of the “spring”, is not a short video application in spring

this paper hunt small cloud network readers contribute modest

on July 23 morning, science and technology circles of the most popular news conference not only millet variety of pomp, operations team into tencent tencent weibo industry, can only fight shoulder to shoulder with tencent news team in the future, by the people sigh: “this is the new media to old media backward” message is enough, the side to receive the tencent weibo some employees of micro view, have also been tencent separate products, tencent in the future will use more resources to support the short video application, make it to tencent video under strong soldiers.

after the decision, in tencent micro view has ushered in the spring, can become tencent emperor penguin bosom is very popular with a concubine, but the apparent tencent ushered in the spring, is able to represent a short video applications it is spring? No no.

short video applications such as micro view not solve the problem of short video shooting optimization

there are a lot of Internet die on a wave of fire products, depending on the inside of the star short video, very fresh, live less than 80 days into social free App Store list top three, in short video applications get such achievement has been very good. In terms of basing on the relatives and friends around, little modest many relatives and friends during that time to open the micro view the stay time is very long, even see it as a mobile phone 4 g function test content.

but after some time later, when the micro view slowing online issue of the promotion of products, and then the micro see a wave of fire also gradually became “low key”, is not a wave of fire died of the game, but is like fills in a wave of fire is the condition of half dead. In recent, there is the picture show in the background of the development team, has developed a very similar to the micro view short video applications – beauty, just a few days free in the APP Store home page, a list of weibo topic volume has exceeded 10 billion, always show that tencent tencent official attitude even science and technology, also released a “a great short video application why only beautiful shot so fire?” In the report.

although there is no denying that, beauty so hot this time, as the user of the novelty has disappeared gradually, could greatly decrease in activity sometime, but as less resources than the visual team, beautiful picture shows why they can create beautiful recent achievements and why iQIYI spluttered, sina weibo seconds, the two to traffic flow to social has a social product, and even plus penguin micro view, finally can’t do a beauty of achievement nowadays?

this little modest personally, applauded the micro view, and the second shot without success, even if it is to shoot haven’t reached the degree of the fire, the basic problem is that they didn’t solve the problem of short video shooting optimization, they emphasize the social sharing of actually more should guide only, the final social sharing in the user’s own hands, can make the short video application taken out quality better task, is their current development is the most important task. Strengthening the importance of social sharing, but not on the basis of video shooting to achieve more product differentiation, product competition, can say a lot of short video applications are lose on the starting point.

beauty shoot behind the team, it has become a focus on women tools service company, their demand for female users more clear, even is the beauty of the picture show style, challenge from photoshop to the micro view. According to tencent technology mentioned above for the beauty of coverage: the racquet will clip, filter, watermarks, music, high-definition packaged into the five key elements in the MV effects, all video processing complex late work, become a key “fool” type operation. When a can not only solve the quality problem of the video shoot out, also can keep the volume of a video is not big enough, the basic problem is resolved will have very good.

4 g networks can not yet universal popularity and is not the same thing with

about short video discusses the wind, not only recently, after sina just learning foreign Twitter Vine seconds of time, the domestic each big media has in view of the short video development of science and technology make a great deal of discussion, including looking towards 4 g networks can make a huge contribution to the development of short video has almost reached a consensus.

but, in fact, although there have been many of 4 g phones on the market, the 4 g card, but the price of 4 g mobile phone and the use of 4 g card fares are in front of the 4 g network in China has not reached the popularity of universal, which can be used a lot of people are in the 4 g 4 g are simply is not the same thing again, if short video depend on the development and short video within the short term is still belonging to the same applauded and similar phenomenon level products, to truly achieve short video application status in foreign countries, and even for the whole of the domestic network video field have produced great impact, also need to continue to wait for 4 g networks a greater degree of popularity.

social monopoly will hinder the development of short video?

the most mainstream social network, when sina weibo and tencent WeChat. As the two big platform for the more resources “internal brothers and sisters”, many brothers and sisters in their competitors will be blocked at the door. On sina weibo, for example, after ali, put on a lot of taobao ads is very natural, it is easy to understand, but in the so-called information flow optimization, jingdong mall links can be released by people in the weibo, but if the exposure in review quantity is big enough, will have the risk of titles, this lets many account number squealed.

social flow of entry level product, valued is well worth, very normal. Throw has fire up the beauty of the shoot, weibo WeChat can directly refuse to have a lot of behind the social users of products, open up its application users share a short video to weibo WeChat permissions. But for others, or new, weibo WeChat social monopoly has already begun, will in order to protect the beauty, to protect the development of the micro view, set obstacles in sharing?

think, short video applications, there are two directly affect the development of the problems to be solved, to usher in the spring. First, solve the problem of short video shooting optimization, tool mission of finish product, do a good “stand-alone game”. Second, solve the problem of short video social sharing, short video include not only social sharing problem, combined to build a large number of hot spots or taking advantage of event marketing, joint detail, micro letter SNS more social networks, such as the determination of the freshness of the 4 g network problems, improve problems too.

when can solve the two main problems, the author believes that the short video application under the certain resources to promote, is a chance to keep up with the development tide of short video. And the short video application in the spring, it can’t be slightly in the spring, second taps in the spring, the United States in the spring, will come. And need of many participants, the industry has entered a state of highlighting, the industry development, gradually from the phenomenon level rise to flow into the mouth of products, we can solve the above short video development under the condition of the two main causes of the most direct, short video application of spring will come.

the author: Ken, founder of the qq girls (, IT commentators, weibo @ small MoQian, private WeChat add net1996.