Silicon valley invasion of Hollywood?

according to the Wall Street journal said that yahoo has her eye on online video business, intend to be a “yahoo version of YouTube. Mayer is said to have instructions, “a large number of purchasing high quality series used in network play, especially the late without too much work.” Ok, silicon valley companies this is once again gather together online video business.

for many years, the Internet giant want users to more to get into the habit of watching video with a computer. Yet American users spend an average of 5 hours a day sitting in front of the television. HBO, AMC and FX is still popular. But last year shot Netflix series “house of CARDS” after success, amazon, Hulu, Yahoo sit not to live, began to shout into the video (series).

maybe this is a wise decision. Amazon, for example. Amazon Instat video played in the past year increased three times, amazon also recently launched the Fire TV TV box.

but Internet companies in silicon valley into video business will be plain sailing? Yahoo this targeting strategy “high quality series” content’s really feasible?

in silicon valley, is good at creating interesting software and hardware, let the life of people more easily. However the content of the TV/movie such industries need a lot more. If a company with deep pockets to sunset boulevard big splurge on buying new rights, buy it is likely to be a heap of rubbish, rather than the next show. Broker, photography, writing talent, the ups and downs popular star, too many matters need to pay attention to, big hot episodes also need a bit of luck — just grab the sensitive changes and time spirit.

but Netflix “house of CARDS” is not a success?

what do you want to see is behind that Netflix data accumulated for many years. Netflix built strong cast, has been directed to prove their strong ability of David fincher, starring actor Kevin sent west, according to the British cult classic adaptation, Netflix has plenty of television audiences and for the play spent vast amounts of marketing costs. It makes the success of the “house of CARDS” is difficult to replicate. With Netflix for production, “Lilyhammer” who do you remember? “From a hemlock tree” and “arrested development” the fire? “Orange Is the New Black” to get good grades?

for a long time, keep it away from between silicon valley and Hollywood “mutual respect”. In Hollywood’s opinion, silicon valley is a group of guys lack of taste, and do not respect intellectual property rights; And silicon valley in the eyes of Hollywood glitz men and women, the lack of commercial. Former programmers in silicon valley, now TV producer Mike Judge said: “overall, the silicon valley people smarter than Hollywood filmmaker.” , “however is different talents and skills they need to make their TV… Tell a good story is not a can of “making people laugh.

Mike’s latest work “silicon valley” (silicon valley) in silicon valley startups as the main line, the programmer as the protagonist. Of course, is on HBO.

over the past two decades, people truly successful change in silicon valley, film and television industry only once. That is the pixar, jobs and his (until sold to Disney). This is a dedicated “tells the story of the great” brilliant achievements.

for yahoo, make some short video maybe is a good choice. Short video like sprint, really good show is like a marathon. This is good warning from Hollywood.