Smart devices, “crazy” s see how audio manufacturers rambler “,”

at the beginning of the article, in particular, I hope that we can sit and listen to me tell a short story.

someone to have a baby: recommended. What is love, every night at the head of a bed.

once attached to the lid, after waking troubles. The lid is dead, leave the pot body he2 yong4? Then grab a pot thrown out of the window.

morning, suddenly see the lid off on the cotton shoes, intact. Hate, I broke the lid a foot.

out of the door, surprised see teapot throw up last night, hanging on the branches, intact.

this person he regrets way: sometimes things can wait! Take a look! Slow down! Because, maybe things are not you want to do it!

so, we must learn to calm, calm is a kind of wisdom!

mobile intelligent device wave hit, has been the traditional hardware manufacturing industry on the alarm. We can’t doing nothing, but cannot be more headless flies, blindly follow suit. Today, the Internet industry is facing the bubble risk of 4 excessive. In public all drunk, traditional industry want to standing, but calm, rational analysis form, not blind imitation, crossing the river by feeling for the stones.

as domestic audio industry leader, wen-dong zhang, President of rambler in recently a new release, gives a lot to draw lessons from point of view. He reminds us that at the time of the wave of intelligent device blustery, a traditional audio manufacturers how to calm the found a way to deal with. We have no intention to judge whether his strategy can succeed, but their calm is now noisy industry one of the wise.

find the orientation of their

“we’ll try and new trend of network convergence, but the walkers make sound never comes with 1 t hard disk or something!” In rambler opinion that he had started with manufacturing audio equipments, now also want to rely on the original advantage, to change.

“sound is a long term business, it needs a long time accumulation of technology and brand. This is like a winery, in addition to the excellent technology, the quantity of the most important thing is to long time.” Wen-dong zhang said. Audio industry high barriers to entry, which virtually increased the width and depth of the company “moat”. Therefore, when faced with a severe external form, first of all be clear what you have, what can do, can’t sit.

but as mobile phone camera, to the impact of traditional photographic equipment manufacturers. Laurels and blindly is destined to be slowly away.

wen-dong zhang pointed out that, along with the TV equipment more thin, curved, continuously break through the physical limits at the same time, also has brought the TV sound quality cannot be guaranteed. In the survey of more than ten thousand users, more than 64% of people think that the equipment in use today can’t meet the needs of them for quality.

meanwhile, represented by smart TV home entertainment center is slowly formed, more and more people through TV, tablet and other equipment for high-definition pictures, television programs and enjoy music. After get the visual content, people will clearly put forward higher request to equipment sound effects.

comprehensive the above two points, on the one hand, is a potentially huge market needs, on the other hand is a smart TV professional manufacturers such as powerless, and thus has long been the focus on family entertainment, have very strong adornment effect, cheap low-end digital effects infinite prospect of the equipment. And cruiser is after the calm thinking, the above conclusions are drawn, which launched a meet market – the magic number e225.

however, rambler did not launch a has the function of intelligent routing, or 1 t hard disk audio products, with the least prove its mind is lucid

how to do a product like that?

as a leading home entertainment use low-end digital audio equipment, rambler the strategy of the product mainly has three:

the first, quality better than ordinary low-end market equipment. High and low frequency characteristic is not obvious, but sounds back to clear and natural.

the second, the price must not be too high. So far, 899 of the pricing received the affirmation of professionals and enthusiasts. But cloud network editor you think hunting, the price can be lower. These days, there is no minimum, only lower priced. Is the so-called “price not astonishing die endlessly. The object of this product is not, after all, enthusiasts, but the general public, and even spoke to sound no concept of any user.

third, absolutely is the most important thing – this product as an extension of the (smart) home, must have a strong space beautification effect. Let me feel a bit strange at first, rovers put most of the time (or even all of the time) on the introduction and the details of the product and industrial design. Later, I gradually understand, rambler hope this product can be entered ordinary families, and to attract those potential customers an important factor, is the appearance of fine processing and equipment of the details.

, rambler doesn’t decoration for decoration. For example, the magic number e225 surface adopted and car headlights as external coating material. Besides colour do not fade, but also has strong scratch-resistant flowers characteristics. For those who love to clean up the health of women users, this is a very good design.

the above from product level analysis. And, more importantly, how will the Internet thinking into the traditional hardware manufacturing industry?

rambler adopted and electrical business cooperation on marketing, in exclusive distribution online way. Jingdong as rovers the only sellers, this product can bring the following benefits rovers to: first of all, save the previous offline sales cost; Second, the use of jingdong large user resources and brand resources, an array of resources. According to rovers, jingdong not only become the of the product distribution sales platform, but also in terms of pricing, marketing strategy has given many Suggestions. Jingdong USES to give advice on what? The answer is certainly behind the user data.

product positioning on the home entertainment, sales of the most popular electricity road, this is a clear analysis on their status quo, rambler made so far is very reasonable strategy.

where need to be improved are

adhere to the style of hunting cloud network consistent objective, in the last we still want to walk forward some own views. Want to create a sound that can really keep up with the trend of the market, the following two points need to be perfect.

software and hardware integration

this concept may seem a bit ethereal, but it is a worth thinking about. The stereo as an extension of the smart home or the family entertainment of auxiliary equipment, the product must be in the “unified management center”. Say simple point is, the rambler should for the device to develop a mobile application, allow the user to use a mobile intelligent device application, to adjust the audio products. Hunting cloud network editor you had in the previous paper, the future intelligent home must be a unified control center equipment. So far, a smartphone or tablet is most likely to take on the task. In view of this, the rambler products should also be aware of this, rather than let go to manual manipulation of the physical buttons on their products.

if “imagination” down the idea, with the software (application) of audio equipment, can reduce the distance with the user’s largest extent. Can even by registering to use application, the use of to collect user data, for the cloud sound custom and so on highly personalized operation. After all, a good stereo equipment, not only should have high quality hardware, also should have different optimization software to do auxiliary.

subsoil fans economy

audio and other hardware devices, is the easiest way to the dragon popular areas. Walk over the years dedicated to work, also really for part of loyal users. Conference, there will be a decade of rambler fans, excitedly expressed the affection of the company (you might say this is a marketing tool, but there is no denying the fact that no matter what you do exist).

although rambler own BBS, the official weibo, but from the Angle of social marketing, rambler do not go far enough. Have courted the popularity of congenital advantage, rambler fans should be deep economy. Make full use of the equipment factors such as innovation, low prices, “stimulus” to the user, keep the user activity. The success of the millet even from enthusiasts. Although somebody else later also “diversion”, but the fans continue to support.

a: don’t tell I just need to…

the last it is necessary to clarify that what is just need? Some people say the sound is not smart phones, the latter is just need. In hunting cloud network editor you point of view, there is no absolute just need. “Others have, then I should have!” This is just need to be. Vendor what attract users? By product, is marketing. Rovers seems to have passed so positioning products, but also in terms of promotion is really should learn from millet to learn.