Smart TV hardware performance is insufficient, ali to make up with cloud ecosystem

hunting cloud network on July 17

yesterday morning, the alibaba held with “to redefine the family” as the theme of family digital entertainment ecological partner conference, meeting, emphatically expounds the ali cat TV box around the day ecological developments and research results.

one of the shopping, education, video, music ecological change is not too big, just add a few special use function, expand cooperation and build the content.

new day cat magic box rf remote control to increase the “voice” and “magic” button, the system provides a global voice search, control function, on-site experience identification and sensitivity are good (mandarin if you pass, don’t be nervous, ambient sounds not too big), conforms to ali’s image, but solve the problem of children and the elderly operating difficulties, if still didn’t get very good solve.

and “magic” button is a shortcut key, quick in different interface can represent different functions, a key to do direct. Such as shopping interface can be used as a key to “shopping” “seconds and kill” “up” and so on, ali in order to make people happy shopping on TV, can take great pains.

these are a few small refinements of window function, and this time ali released the most unique and most strategic products in the aspects of the game: cloud gaming platform – without having to download, click to play under the network environment.

according to ali, the cloud game, including the famous game makers Konami (Konami), the flagship game winning eleven victory 11 2014; Game makers 2 k latest blockbuster NBA2k14 “; Capcom’s “street fighter 4: arcade version” and “iron fist VS street fighter”, time warner interactive entertainment issued “batman: aqua, Seoul, the lego: harry potter, the lego: batman, Taiwan daewoo’s” cloud of xuanyuan sword gaiden han “, “the monopoly of the eight” and the Japanese Falcom classic RPG “trajectory of the legend of heroes – empty” and so on ten cloud game. In addition, alibaba also plans to offer cloud of more than 50 games.

in addition, ali will also be in the “cloud”, on the basis of introducing Alifun family digital entertainment service cloud, realize cross-platform sharing of digital entertainment content. With TV, EA, Gameloft, Glu Mobile content and game providers become ecological partners, such as in the future “the film and television, music and games and education”, etc.

smart TV hardware performance mature it will take time, cloud gaming platform for ecological defects

may you see the smartphone hardware performance has excess early, cell phone screen resolution is easily break through 4 k, big game play on the professional game has no pressure, so will naturally feel like smartphone hardware smart TV (box) hardware, the performance it should be also a surplus, or at least is enough.

but this is not the case, because of the screen for smart TV hardware, interface, data processing unit adapted to design, in the case of the bosses involved TV chip, also need at least two generations of products change to mature, this change does not matter, in the past two years.

the smart phone hardware performance of the transferred to high intelligent TV, TV screen release not to come out, all lost. And catch up with the 4 k screen, 1080 p, 2 k has been embarrassed to say high-end, smart TV hardware feeling kind of tired legs. Especially for TV box, it is sad.

music as the decrease the difficulty of hardware product research and development to improve the user experience, has abandoned the TV box products, don’t forget on two feet, by the way. Home appliance bosses haier has adopted a compromise, launched the “mold card” TV, TV hardware modular, to provide users with similar to the TV as “modular” to upgrade the service box.

did best in the TV box is millet and ali, millet UI shows rendering is good, but at the same time also castration off a lot of special effects, interface also extremely brief to limit; Ali’s day cat box UI rendering is not enough, but has no effect on video playback, interface design and function operation is very rich.

smart TV performance is not enough to use, for the extremely expensive, is also a smart TV ecology of the most fascinating game, that is largely powerless. So see haven’t started the game, put a few simple puzzle games only millet, ali want to get two big games, specific experience, it is better to don’t. While traditional TV makers, are still in the struggle with the hardware.

at this point, the cloud gaming platform has become the good solution – most of the data processing in the cloud, terminal only used to display the data processing results. so even day cat magic box generation can easily run large game, greatly increased to cover the user range, ecological quality significantly improved.

good money with the clouds, make closed ecosystem, even if you also can’t use my android cloud game

ali cloud gaming platform is not good, need to have a strong technical support, before SONY raised the product shape, but has not revealed the latest progress, other vendors from scratch after it difficult.

accumulation of ali is derived from the original YUN OS, at that time, because the mobile phone hardware performance is not high, the first generation of ali YUN OS adopted the architecture of the cloud data processing, the YUN even switch desktop OS with cloud processing way. And then with restricted by mobile network operation experience, dropped the design thinking, now on the cloud gaming platform.

ali now that have released their own platform, can fully explain himself has been technically accomplish certain barriers, and the family network obviously faster than mobile phone network to stable (4 g era is not necessarily) a lot, on-site experience common 4 m bandwidth to run without any pressure.

ali also provides a CDN to accelerate their own cloud gaming platform, network adaptive technology, made under the condition of the poor network speed can also be obtained fluent experience, but as students party, may experience the game should be similar to the Mosaic!!!! Ali’s technology is guaranteed.

technology had the area is lain between, the platform layout in all core have their own cloud, do not give any other home interception, stealing, such a strategy coincide with Google’s product strategy, which will also be your own data and computing software products gradually migrated to the cloud, lest someone fake at will. such a don’t care about the hardware configuration, strong adaptability (Tmall magic box users is not enough, again a PC, mobile phone, anyway, the data in the cloud) closed ecosystem game shows.

since closed, that inevitably will receive rolling closed dividend, games are in the cloud and cloud, ali once held a user’s entry game, collect tolls not easy to do! The box end without any data, you don’t give tolls misfire.

now had the news that the future of cloud gaming platform could be 10 yuan monthly, perhaps every game has a monthly. Users also is a kind of very strange creatures: after all in the family background, pay the money it doesn’t matter.

but you also need not worry, ali, so a good place to save money, maybe change to integral member hang task system, increase your interest in shopping, it is also a good choice for ali. And the same game can also be a paid version, the free version, this is all some tried and old routines, otherwise the game for MAO then earn money?

since ali can easily accept money, that is with all the game companies can quickly improve the quality of the user, get a lot of paying customers, so that, in turn, will attract a large number of game companies.

in the future when we go to taobao, perhaps will hang around 50 “filled with XXX game three months” “buy underwear send game props” and so on so attractive promotional banners.