Smart watches industry, differentiation to break is king

the hardware is not professional, just to throw the first point of view, can think about in the comments to follow. Talk about smart watch today. Say first point of view, the to replace the phone smart watches don’t look good. In addition to the intelligence of the current domestic watch to wear cool, don’t have much effect .

don’t want to fool with no design on the watch audience , watch design can’t keep up with but don’t be too fat. Wearable devices because of its characteristics of “wearable”, shape, design, engineering design, the dress is not installed X these external factors can define the success of a product.

Men with tables for the sake of what, to see the time, the young, don’t kidding? Just for two, reveal identity and fashionable . the current smart watch far from their identity is, so leave trend can compete for them, deviation in this direction, most have been out .

Probably smart watches, need a reason to persuade our users to buy . For many domestic brands even startup, many of the existing products, design idea or no escape, a bloated size and function of innovation most anodyne, alternative really strong .

maybe at the beginning, the design of intelligent watches and positioning, function innovation and trade-offs, hemp slip should consider to be clear about.

Speak a little bit more, and anyway, language not astonishing die endlessly, smart watch this, most manufacturers still in electronic products in doing it. Should not be called smart watches, should call watches intelligence . No spirit and strict design and manufacture process, into the field of entrepreneurs, winning or design, or price . If both, both can use great description.

Poking fun at the top, then here I talk about other areas of smart watches, which is available to a segment of the population, to see if this direction never .

here to explore three areas, the is a professional outdoor, is a children’s field, one is the medical field .

about outdoor areas, first door appearance in such aspects as pressure, temperature, GPS ranging, need very professional technology in the industry, the threshold is very high.

if you are hiking, sailing, casio, SUUNTO/sunto will do (Grosvenor LTD handsome can ignore this recommendation). If is pure outdoor sports, SUUNTO/sunto came out. And in the field of intelligent electronic watch both also have involved.

to discuss a recent years of domestic brands, EZON should be accurate, in recent years in the electricity business channels, such as jingdong and some outdoor BBS) and offline activities with high exposure, is still a good product experience, they are also involved in the field of smart watches these days. Products have some Internet marketing and design thinking, as a product of the industry to accelerate the running. start-up companies in this field is a big difficulty, professionalism and technology degrees are not suitable for small teams to play .

say children: artillery “security banner in red walk the world, launched a” children’s guardians “in the field of children’s intelligence bracelet. The Internet giant and here, for children’s intelligence impact wear areas indeed. But for now, the product or application stage, no mass production.

abroad are now known to have, HereO children watch, FiLIP children watch, KidiZoom children watch. Do children in China smart watch market has reflected boring technology, guardian of science and technology, wuzhou wireless. but industry leader had not appeared . this direction, can enter the getting familiar with the children’s market entrepreneurs .

finally said medical field, because naturally at the bottom of the watch will be a large area of contact with skin, so large amounts of data can be obtained using sensor, also said would it possible to apply it to health in can believe that the future medical will is one of the innovation application scenario smart watches .

but don’t forget, high barriers to entry in the field of health care, want to do it for a long time, its own industry accumulation is important, health not child’s play . For now, most entrepreneurs are more focused on abnormal warning to body health, testing temperature and heart rate. is more of a warning that the future want to therapeutic areas involved, there is still a long way .

as if to say so long also didn’t say a standard out, just another view: intelligent watches for now or much cry and little wool. Startups to break, it is suggested that differential path chosen. Do bad hardware design, do bad design style, do bad style for segmentation .

? Segmentation are bad, then wash your sleep.