Smartphone users to download new application requirements, developer day has passed

on August 18, a financial services company DE los kuyt (Deloitte) recently released report, smartphone users are declining demand for new applications. This not only to the technology market hot spot in future, also intensified concern for mobile developers: the day is past their best.

report shows that nearly a third smartphone users typically don’t download any applications a month. DE los kuyt, forecast application store sales will suffer greatly. DE los kuyt company for UK users according to the survey, ordinary smart phone users, 2014 application downloads have dropped sharply. As the smartphone market in Europe and the United States has become increasingly saturated, the developers must rely more on those who download the new application clients to sustain business growth.

DE los kuyt analyst Paul Lee (Paul Lee) said: “in the UK, our smartphone applications download has reached a limit.” As early adopters of smartphones and birthplace of many top application developers, Britain has become a leader in the mobile industry “retire”. About 9/10 people said they never spend money to download applications or other smartphone applications, mobile phone game makers of mobile market and other manufacturers of mobile media profit and growth are being questioned.

game developers King Digital Entertainment (King) according to the latest quarterly earnings report published last week, the customer in its spending on the candy crush saga game fell faster than expected, and other games also cannot make up for the shortage. Apple and Google (weibo) are released in recent months, the study found that their application store support occupies a considerable proportion of in Europe. But the Trojan found that the company independent developers around the world about the application of economic health are increasingly concerned that, many small Internet companies to occupy more and more software downloads and profits.

however, lee said, the findings does not mean that the application scale of the market itself is shrinking, on the contrary, in the growing smartphone market, increase in the number of “random users are using fewer applications.

don’t download any applications has reached 31%, the number of smartphone users in the same period last year, according to research conducted a number that is less than 20%. Even download application user downloads also fell sharply, fell to 1.82 from 2.32 last year. Li said: “on a global scale, each new signs of smartphone users have to reduce application download, they either feel more about application of indifference, either due to bear ability is limited and can’t download more.”

many smart phone users are now in use primary application, they need more mature markets. Li said: “ironically, applied the sense that gives a person better, they use the longer it will be, at the same time means that they desire to seek new applications.”

DE los kuyt survey is in the independent application developers a fierce debate for industry in the future. The currently available application quantity is very large, have reached millions. For developers, the application of a “popular products drive mode” (hit – driven) make it harder for them to find new application direction.

application analysis services company founder Appbot Stuart Hall (Stuart Hall), said: “earlier, very few people have mobile phones, but they can easily find your need.” For independent developers created a large number of available applications, the market has become increasingly difficult, because most of the applications are available for free download now, rather than prepaid purchase in advance.

mobile advertising technology company CEO Appsfire aurelia, Mr Yang (Ouriel Ohayon) said: “if you don’t choose 200 or 300 top application, application stores actually difficult to really make money.” (sail)

source: tencent technology