SMS accessories will be the mobile Internet era

recently, in May this year issued by the ministry of communications, according to the operation of the mobile Internet business to substitute, under the influence of amount of monthly point-to-point SMS mobile phone users in China continue to fall, has been less than 40.

for operators, on the one hand, is faced with the internal pressure, how the text in the current under the huge market competition to obtain stable income; Is the user is not on the other hand, the new youth have said when the mobile Internet, monthly free text messages don’t know who to send X, and mobile phone short message function, is perhaps the biggest use is used to send and receive verification code and all sorts of advertisements.

SMS business dying

back the development of the SMS, popular reasons in addition to match the culture of the Chinese consumer demand (shy, face saving, unwilling to speak, etc.), in which it is important that charges high voice, SMS become the best substitute, peak, three carriers annual SMS amount added up to more than 6 billion.

at the beginning of China mobile about leadership had proudly introduces why the SMS price is 0.1 yuan, because a landline call per minute, more than a hair a message about the same price, better able to accept it. And for people inside collect, many prefer to use SMS to communicate.

but now The Times have changed, voice rates have fallen sharply, telecom even have “three CARDS”, which is 3 cents a minute, there are also some telephone network, such as 200 yuan a year, free from the side, it also caused a certain impact on operators of message business. Now, just see a person’s phone list is easy to see that SMS accounted for the proportion is significantly lower than before. Therefore, when the phone dropped substantially, the cost of the SMS is too high. Voice low cost countries, few people use a text message.

this year has a set of data showed that compared to last year’s eve, New Year’s eve this year dropped 8.0% average daily sent messages, data, micro letter, weibo and so on new mobile Internet business become a popular way of New Year, affected by the traditional text and voice volume decreases obviously. During the Spring Festival holiday, the national mobile sent messages up to 18.21 billion, sent on the day of New Year’s eve 11.04 billion, 9 times the average daily volume, but NianChuXi than in 2013 dropped by 8.0%. And the mobile Internet is much more data, 2014 NianChuXi phone QQ messaging peak reached 32.7 million/minute; Article WeChat messaging peak of 10 million/min; Sina weibo release peak reached 863400 m/min.

there is a set of data from the China mobile: in China mobile business at present, the most serious affected by OTT declines, when the number of SMS business. In 2011, China mobile SMS revenue fell 0.9%, losses in 2012 to 4.8%, in just the past 2013 years, SMS revenue decline has reached 6.5%.

text will inevitably become accessories

as is known to all, 3 g, 4 g mobile phone has now fast network bandwidth, and various software provides us with rich communication patterns, words, pictures and voice, are quickly meet the user’s tastes, and in the face of the simple text message communication, people are no longer welcome, we can calculate, we spend a dime, type 70 words, and use the software, is of course more, 1 m is 3 yuan, and 1 m=1024 * 1024/2=524288 words, as a user, you will want to use? MMS is let alone, five hair moneys, we’ll use a medium-sized pictures, size in 200 KB, press 3 cents to calculate, we can send about 5 ~ 8, and MMS, limited to 200 KB or so, and five hair, would you like to use?

once China mobile try to transcend WeChat with fetion software such as communication, but in the end has failed, you are not operator, you must can do a good job, the user does not look good, so development.

say that SMS harassment, especially troubling, full screen text messages are all kinds of advertising, fraud, users don’t like it, hate you, of course, why, because no one to regulate, and some of the apps are more or less someone to management, advertising and fraudulent information will be less, so some SP enterprise is gradually died.

with the progress of era, SMS and MMS to exit the stage also is only a matter of time, may also become a kind of accessory, but saying that it is impossible to put an end to pour, just communication industry profiteering era has in the past, the user is more focused on new technology and the attraction of the service itself. Launch charging mode, the diversity of the survival and development of new technology may be balanced operators solution.