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write long documentary landing entrepreneurship live dry literature “Internet startup those things” is the entrepreneurial yih-ming lee side do, this guy with a pair of glasses is baidu WangMeng beidou for advertising platform products, electric business, head of the department of product, and baidu (here a little poking fun at the baidu, advertising gene is good, but electricity gene, you know!)

come out from baidu, yih-ming lee made electricity entrepreneurial projects, don’t miss, to do so the quickest means of sales promotion found. For mobile terminal, the team has also developed a new product, snapping up assistant. Similar to ordinary entrepreneurs, the team has been to see yih-ming lee weibo, or in the middle of the bubbling dry goods business literature always update in this time. Back in 14 years, a new journey.

for assistant can be seen as a discount on goods to snap up tools, it will pass the background recommendation algorithm was proposed to help users find the B2C e-commerce sites on the day of a hot commodity.

in my limited cognitive at first, I always thought that opens type products has been the exclusive female users. Unexpectedly and founder yih-ming lee to chat of time, is one of the update my knowledge. Snap up assistant, positioning is more users. The current application of the user the sex ratio is 82.

yih-ming lee told me that they do buy electricity when found that female users more is the mushroom street, beautiful eat said. But few male user market opens. Team found that, in fact, men prefer to early adopters, guest unit price is usually high. So buying assistant on the product experience from the start to do more “masculine” processing. Product experience is also more prominent concise, lively.

before making a snapping up assistant actually yih-ming lee team also through detours. Previous product “don’t miss” is more in the PC, product positioning is: to help users find tech-oriented flash tool information website. Because of various reasons and Internet traffic bonus at the end, the team finally decided to transition, as mobile terminal.

before snapping up assistant for the PC, but has also done a lot of innovation in detail. Due to the electricity on the mobile end shopping experience is not smooth, lead to users in the use of buying assistant, jump into buying goods interface is very uncomfortable. So the team made a compromise solution. After the user clicks the preferential purchase, there will be two choices, one is in the mobile terminal to continue to buy, one is on the computer input to snap up assistant receive code, go to the PC for subsequent purchase.

but it seems that, it seems, is not conducive to end user purchase experience, although this is a big innovation. On the whole, in the current mobile environment, this function does improve the user experience of buying. Yih-ming lee also said that their products are also focus on the problem of purchase, there are still a lot of optimization solutions are being developed. Move to buy, of course, is a common need to improve the whole mobile electricity ecological, just like the PC Internet payment.

in fact, this is the common fault of the guide products at present. If all shoppers to taobao is better, if it is all other category of e-commerce sites, the user experience will be discounted. But it’s no wonder, guide application depends entirely on taobao, is not a good thing. So in the beginning, yih-ming lee knows the problem, so the guide snapping up taobao assistant proportion is very small.

, for the moment, the Internet can be understood as is the flow of export import business. This view is also applicable to buy electricity field. Said beautiful, mushroom street is now not only opens type website, more of them are vertical electrical contractor. At present buy products on the market are a dime a dozen. But it’s not important, good products, or would you take off the lead out. But there is no denying that the mobile end shoppers at present is the red sea. It is not easy to break easily, good. Shoppers ecology will not always stay on the ride, the future more model to explore the direction of the guide and type of products to do.

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