So-called converged electronics masterpiece samsung innovation museum opened, but do not collect the iPhone

in order to celebrate the samsung became the 45th anniversary of, samsung electronics in suwon found today museum of “innovation”. Right to samsung CEO five Xuan museum unveiled, and said, “said” museum of samsung innovation brings together the history of electronic product innovation real masterpiece, these innovations laid the foundation of science and technology, so as to promote the products of our life can be created. The museum can let us to check, at the same time can also be found that samsung a source of inspiration.”

the pavilion has five layers, which is divided into three: three exhibition halls: the Age of Inventors, the Age of Industry Innovation and the Age of Creation. According to the time sequence shows the human achievement in the field of electrical/electronic. Innovators on display in the hall of the Edison, bell, Faraday and others invention of original model, industry innovation hall shows a large number of inventions, including the achievements of companies such as Siemens, GE and NEC, and samsung microprocessor, a screen, etc. The latest SmartHome exhibits including samsung’s smart home system and samsung Galaxy phone.

it is fun, however, that exhibits no as a turning point in the development of modern intelligent mobile phone iPhone, though samsung acknowledges that had been the iPhone inspired inspiration; No SONY of be the rage of the last century which television; Of course there will be no samsung local rival LG any product, ignored the LG many innovations in the field of display and microelectronics.