Social applications from romantic, let “passing the fate no longer miss

the boundless huge crowd, sometimes is so skillful, there is always one or two people feel good, will work with you. In the past, this a glimpse can only stay in my memory, silently want to find such people, again widely Po post like this way of looking for the only way. A start-up company in France but now the situation changes Happn will bring new possibilities for us.

let “brush” no longer miss

Happn using the positioning system, will pass through other Happn user information is added to the application list on the main interface. Overall, its working principle and Highlight about, is to focus more on dating. About Happn a little fun, its positioning function is to use the better – more and more users, it provides more comprehensive information, users are more likely to be truly “after passing, can find each other with Happn”.

Happn, founder and CEO of Didier Rappaport, who also was Dailymotion COO) in a telephone interview, Happn to record user every moment in your life story. He said “personalized information is very important, and Happn based on real life interaction is its special way – you may see in Happn just passing a very have feelings of a stranger, may also see a live near you, often meet someone.”

open Happn, just wipe a shoulder people’s information will be arranged in square shape pictures come out, the user can also drop down view met the information to the rest of the time in the past. Click on each box, will also show other interactive elements, are all popular app for some, Happn also has. Similar to Tinder, users can view the information about each other’s interests and hobbies, etc., and began to chat. But than Tinder is more casual, users can chat with anyone, don’t have to wait for matching.

actively expand effectively

last year, France vc Alven Happn Capital investment, this app is still in experimental stage. In March 2014, Happn formally published in Paris, has launched the British, German, French and other three markets. Now, Happn appealing, there are quite a number of users using Happn every day. Happn launched in Berlin after a month, day of active users in between 7000-10000, the London market after the launch day at around 10000 active users, while the French market now daily active users has reached 40000. Considering the Happn still in the early stage of development, such active data was fairly good. Therefore, Happn also didn’t have enough confidence to expand the market. It is reported, Happn eight months in the future, will be expanded to all the major European cities, and even may be out of Europe.

actively expand Happn on the other hand also positively to operate profitable business. Including purchase, native application in advertising, and so on. Rappaport reported, native advertising will depth integrated into applications, won’t appear curt banner ads.

Happn and Tinder

have to say, the French dating application has several developing pretty well, such as Meetic, Adopte UN mec and Attractive World, and one of the very high Tinder lately. Tinder appearance is a mobile application, however, the basis of the mobile Internet is very solid, and several other dating applications, is still a certain web platform.

as I have mentioned, Tinder and Happn has some similarities and differences. At first glance, the two application is quite similar. But on closer inspection, the two design mechanism is different.

first of all, the interactive Tinder pay more attention to both sides, every time users click on each other’s data, the in the mind is curious, whether the other party is also interested in themselves. Secondly, the design of the Tinder for each time the user can only view a user’s information, this is addictive, holding “to see a good” on the contrary, constantly look at the next.

this Happn is more about the authenticity of information search and convenience. You know, a lot of dating platform, to begin to chat, the first thing to determine an object, to know, to find and lock “someone” is how the trouble. Many search way are not convenient and humanization. And through Happn, users will be able to experience the feeling of a “encounter”, closer to the way of dating in their lives.