Sogou online WeChat search, can search the public, and articles

after inject sogou search business, tencent’s micro letter also accelerated the pace of with sogou business integration.

today, sogou search, launched the micro letter, in the future, users can browse the sogou search results page to the micro letter related to query the public, and the article content.

from its launch in 2012 after a public platform, WeChat public accounts quickly become an important source of a large number of users to read and access information, as early as in November 2013, public accounts for more than 2 million. However, although these public account brought together a large number of high-quality original content, but for search engine, has been the “information island”.

but this after marriage tencent sogou, have changed gradually. Just last month sogou search enable new LOGO conference, tencent President liu chiping was revealed at that time, both sides will explore new forms of cooperation, the chemical reactions of his social and search the more looking forward to. At that time, sogou search was grafted including QQ and Qzone, tencent QQ browser, and other products.

from today’s online sogou WeChat search page, search WeChat public number and article content only. For example in the sogou search box input WeChat public key words, can be in the search results page to view related WeChat public the list of articles. User not only can see the article retrieval WeChat public account, also can pass the qr code pay close attention to the account.

however, from the current render content, timeliness, frequency and coverage of the scraping of the remains to be improved. Hunting cloud network, for example, in the list to present the content of the many a few weeks, months after.