Sogou search “suddenly turn hostile”, business comprehensive access to tencent

on May 8, hunting cloud network news

tencent in September last year with a $448 million stake in later, sogou ushered in the expansion of another important moment.

today, sogou officially released new labeling and search App, this is the first time sogou company set up 10 years, “suddenly turn hostile”, is also the first time sogou search has its own unique label, and achieve unity on the PC, mobile end.

more importantly, sogou search also began with its comprehensive product do grafting, including browser, Qzone, tencent QQ, QQ, etc. Particularly notable is that the huge mobile business of tencent system will provide a large number of search for sogou search entry, make more wireless search integration and innovation of the scene.

sogou search announced the measure, is the background of the ali has dabbled in mobile search by UC, and after 360, moving to the big business prospects are being to covet, to carve up the original PC search extension of the business by the cake.

in fact, sogou is initially started with search, but its product advantage until using input method product, the browser’s “three-stage rocket” model was driven development, even in a period of time, sogou has been dubbed the “sogou input method”. In “three-stage rocket” development mode, sogou in search of markets and commercial value is gradually revealed, and thus obtain tencent seriously, and will own injected sogou search business.

Charles zhang said the time sogou in standard is to make “pinyin, sogou search,” return to nature of search, with the aid of tencent platform, to baidu in the most fierce challenge.

let him to have such confidence is, sogou current revenue high-speed development. According to sohu recently released first quarter earnings, sogou revenue of $70 million, compared with the same period last year increased by 78%, to achieve the profit and loss balance, and compare the mobile terminal accounted for in the last quarter rose 2%.

the sogou how development? CEO wang xiaochuan said, will continue to use “three-stage rocket” development pattern, also will use sogou search for users to create more scene. He said, the browser has contributed about 20% of the search, that means 80% of value will be produced in meet the demand of users. “The end of this month, sogou search will provide more high-quality goods with respect to the contents of the services. Will be released in the future.”

as important shareholders of sogou, tencent’s support to its natural value does not poor. President, Mr Lau said, the two sides in addition to the above mentioned product end comprehensive access sogou, he is more expectation, and social and information of chemical reactions in the midst of this, sogou as important link will give full play to their value.