Sohu also, sued the headline tort claims 11 million today

today, sohu announced byte beating technology co., LTD. In Beijing (today’s headlines) copyright infringement and unfair competition lawsuit, ask the other side to stop the infringing act immediately and published an apology, and compensation of economic loss of 11 million yuan.

the commissioner of the Beijing municipal bureau of copyright protection, Zhao Gongshi said, without permission to take other people’s things handling to carry his own house to their own warehouse or directly sold to resell this is absolutely not possible, this is the bottom line “copyright law”, which is between the copyright law and the application of the new technology of a very clear red line. Hope we after the copyright owner, including new media including other all sorts of new technology research and development, and the copyright administrative department together to protect this red line, maintain their own legal rights according to law, safeguard the copyright industry

sohu, points out that today’s headlines tort mode there are two main types.

the first kind is fetching copy directly use sohu net, sohu net mobile version and sohu news articles in the client, pictures. Demonstrate its way as the “code”, namely grab a third party the content of the news page, convert the content into XML stored on your server, the user browsing the news, the XML content through the APP rendering ChengXinWen page presented to the user; After media reports of mass in the near future, today’s headlines are under pressure to stop the infringement of transcoding of sohu content.

now, today’s headlines for infringement of copyrighted content of sohu took the second, is also a more subtle form of “deep linking”, namely using the built-in browser APP framework of nested according to the third party news page, also in its mobile software page top the link address, but at the same time, today’s headlines and boost promotion content on the page, comment, and so on.

in the face of tort, today’s headline foreign explained his actually served for the role of the search engine. Sohu said, “according to the search engine Robots agreement without authorization shall not, without scraping content, but the headlines today released its never like search engine Robots the user-agent, cause we can’t screen grab infringement of the other. And, today’s headlines on third-party content source to nested ‘reading’ and ‘comments’ content and controls, content with others guide users in their entry into the next phase of reading, lead to users cannot continue reading content in the original path. With search engines’ guide ‘behavior is very different.”

after the Beijing news published an editorial that “today’s headline” slogan is “we don’t make the news, we are porters”, but the problem is that the handling is not only news, but also the copyright, the so-called “news” porter, hides the fact of infringement, “through their actions show the way of the news, an operator in the field of copyright law is a typical infringement behavior, it is the consensus that the copyright in the judicial practice at home and abroad.”