Sohu entertainment in road racing, KeyEas $89.6 million stake in South Korea

according to south Korean media reports, sohu, a subsidiary of Fox Video to the south Korean entertainment company KeyEast invest 15 billion won (RMB 89.61 million), the transaction is completed, sohu will account for a 6.4% stake in KeyEast, become the largest shareholder after byj’s second-largest shareholder.

KeyEast domestic might not much, but when it comes to byj, Kim soo-hyun, many Chinese people should not be unfamiliar. Yes, the two stars are KeyEast signing star, and byj or the shareholders. Data shows, KeyEast involved in the business including brokerage, explore training, film and television production, cable TV channels DATV, KNTV, food, music, games, etc. After working with sohu, means KeyEast will develop the Chinese market formally.

both sides can reach cooperation based on the two sides still demand in particular. First to KeyEast into China need competent partner for the Chinese market, and under the new network era give maximum market development. As is known to all, sohu company filling in entertainment has been big, moreover CEO zhang is a long involvement in the entertainment industry well-known figures, the Internet in the Korean culture counter attack the domestic market situation, the Korean entertainment company hand in hand.