Sohu to charge film, independent payment tool should not far away

(word/qing nan)

in sohu earnings communication meeting yesterday, sohu CEO Charles zhang said after the “condition” mature will big movies, and take charge to the user to perform.

it is important to note that zhang mentioned is the condition of the existence of “charge system including payment so as to obtain the scale of time”, it depends on two aspects: one is charging system integrity; Secondly, the users pay habits to develop.

in fact, including the sohu video domestic video sites as early as in 2011, began to some of the copyright implemented attempts to pay to watch movies, but as a result of online piracy, the user purchase intention has the factors, such as paying film in domestic has not been able to really sharp, there are just symbolic.

thanks zhang launched the anti-piracy alliance, after more than four years of efforts, finally make pure and a lot of industry, major video sites mostly adopted the original content, this also for the video web site management of the original film and television play content to seek new operation model from the road.

at the moment, including sohu video, including the domestic video sites are also basic patch advertising model to realize profits, but in zhang’s view, it’s just rights and interests, the direction of the future or to pay “video”, sohu is charging projects development.

on the other hand, sohu video will invest in homemade TV dramas, etc, and through the courtyard line, web side play revenue; On the other hand is the charge system of preparatory work, including the payment tools and process design price, payment, etc.

in fact, the sohu makes the third party payment tool as early as April 2012 there is news that the official had published advertisement for payment product development manager, monthly salary in 10000 to 30000, five main responsibility is to lead the development team of product research and development work. Denied rumours, sohu official payments into the network.

now, sohu video on paid content support pay treasure, pay, mobile phone ordering channels such as micro letter. But in the industry point of view, the current business volume is small, sohu tend to third-party payment tool, and once after massive pay video business, sohu is likely self-built pay channels, can also reduce business information are the concerns of the partners to master.

and, more importantly, sohu also in Internet financial business layout, self-built will form the basis for the future development of the third party payment tools. Although independent third-party payment tool is not online, but sohu already dabbled in payment business. After launch of sohu, according to the payment page already provided phone, games, movies, lottery sohu value-added services such as payment services.

this means that the sohu push payment tool is assured, and the news that this year will surely obtain third-party payment.