Sold 1 million units a year, indomitable Firefox mobile phones will push $25

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Taiwan Mozilla CEO, points out that Mozilla will be sold in July in the Indian market economy series of Firefox OS smartphone, minimum retail price will be $25.

the Mozilla first in July 2013 in Latin America and the European market to sell Firefox smartphone, sales of about 1 million units. And in the places, each country only one or two mobile communication partners, but in India, there are more than 10 chain cooperation with them. Therefore, Mozilla is looking forward to the Indian market has a better sales.

after media reported that Mozilla will use spreadtrum production of low-cost chip, and cooperate with ODM smartphone. In view of this, Firefox mobile phone cost from $50 to $25.

the report says, now has 10 hardware manufacturers and more than 20 mobile operators support Firefox OS platform. LG and sellers alcatel OneTouch based on the Chinese market, huawei and zte have sell Firefox smartphones in 15 countries.

in addition, Taiwan’s market oriented foxconn and via technologies has started production of Firefox tablets, panasonic company also the production of Firefox smart TV on the agenda.