Sole 】 【 58 generation driving market “local tyrants yao” takeover bid for E generation

July 11, hunting cloud network news

from the capital, according to people familiar with the matter to the cloud network exclusive hunting 58 city invested heavily in the generation of driving market, in order to rapidly expanding market share, the Yao Jinbo is interested in buying E generation.

to hunting, people familiar with the cloud network, said 58 city on generation of driving the market, launched in April this year 58 generation driving on their own products. 38 yuan fare was also refers to the targeting of E generation driving, despite a lot of traffic, 58, but the product is no breakthrough in the generation of car market. The earliest emergence in the generation of car market in Beijing, 58 driving through encountered generation less drivers and passengers less double embarrassment.

“58 now have flow and money, but the market first-mover advantage has been occupied by a similar E generation of driving APP, it is very difficult to 58 want to hard to cut into the market. So buy E generation drive also is right choice. The two sides have been in contact, at present did not wind up “the person convective cloud network said. However, generation E driving pr is bidding matters to both sides does not exist.

E generation drive has been into more than 30 cities in China, first mover advantage is very obvious.

on this matter, hunting cloud network editor jun also worked in a small range of investigation, in Beijing days hunting cloud network editor you interviewed several generation of drivers, generally reflect the most commonly used tool is E generation of driving, the reason is that most live.

a rough calculation, E drive in Beijing has nearly 20000 generation drivers, every single 60 yuan, produce 5000 single every day, every single charge 20% of E generation driving, E generation driving the profits can be as high as 60000 yuan a day, a year or 2000 Wan Lirun, and this is just a market in Beijing, across the country, the market has huge potential.

the personage inside course of study to the huntsmen cloud network editor jun said that as a line to see the high frequency of APP, generation of driving software fits in 58 genes in the same line. “Generation drive just a demand, as well as fast and drabs, generation of driving can be a new platform for the traffic. Relative to the client bulk, 58 generation drive application is small and beautiful.”

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